George Romero talks Zombies

In my star-filled career I've worked with Mike Myers, Lindsay Lohan and Mark Summers, but none of them could have prepared me for meeting this legendary filmmaker. George Romero is a great guy. He says "man" a lot (though none of those made it into the edited interview.) He's a class act!

The Top 5 Spider movies

Viva Spider Cinema!

Comic Book Movies

I sat down with the dudes from Comic Book Club to talk about comic book movies.

Biker Heaven

Of all the fabeled movies that never got made, Biker Heaven (the unmade Easy Rider sequel) is the one I'd most like to see.

Though it's probably best left as an unmade film.

A Boy and His Dog

Here's an episode about A Boy and His Dog, L.Q. Jones' adaptation of the Harlan Ellison novella.

The Destruction Tour of Sci Fi New York

Hollywood must hate New York, because it's always getting destroyed in the movies.

American Idol and The Apple

We had to do lots of takes because I couldn't stop laughing at Mike Birch's ad-libbed lyrics in the American Idol song.

Peter Jackson's first movie: Bad Taste

Before he made Lord of the Rings he made this low-budget splatstick comedy. This episode makes me feel old.

Franchise Face-Offs

This Alien Vs. Predator inspired episode owes a lot of thanks to Professor Kevin Heffern at Southern Methodist University. I called him up to ask for help and he said, "I was just talking about franchise cross-overs!" He truly is a gentleman and a scholar.

Also Mark Douglas plays Sportscaster Dov McCormack. The holiday party co-workers are Bricken Sparacino, Mike Birch, Paul Herbig, Brianna Jacobson, Jonny Fido and Eric Hendricks.

An Oral History of The Star Wars Holiday Special

Happy Life Day!

He Is Legend: Richard Matheson 101

Richard Matheson is one of my favorite authors. For all the great science-fiction and horror he's written, I think his best book is a World War II novel title The Beardless Warriors. My friend Larry summed it up best that Matheson is a "deceptively simple" writer.

None of that analysis appears in this episode, but we do cover his cult-movie work.

Note: you can alseo watch the YouTube version which is 20 seconds longer.

Close Encounters with Bob Balaban

Here's our first interview, we were able to get Close Encounters star Bob Balaban. He was a great sport, really funny and fun to talk with.

The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass Roundtable Debate features Lisa Beebe, Paul Herbig, Jonny Fido, M. Sweeney Lawless and Brianna Jacobson.

Now Playing in an Alternate Universe

Here's five classics movies that had almost been made by other people.

Boy we sure do talk about King Kong a lot.

Kaiju Big Battel/ Alien Vs. Predator Fever

Everyone should go see Kaiju Big Battel at least once.

Movies Not on Netflix

Here's a list of films that are not on Netflix. When I called the people were really helpful and cool.

Also, I've since learned that Rock & Rule and Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park are not on Netflix.

Southland Tales

We spent a long night making this one, and I thought we'd win some web-award for making it.

Turns out no one cared about this movie. On the opening week it was played in one theater in all of New York City.

Son of Casting Disasters

More movies almost ruined by bad casting.

Employee Review (the lost webisode!)

AMC hated this episode and removed it from the website shortly after it posted. Maybe it's because there aren't any FACTS. Or maybe it's because we talk about layoffs while AMC was facing actual layoffs. Some people like this episode best of all.

That's Mickey Ryan as the HR guy.

Halloween Adventure

A trip to Halloween Adventure to check out science fiction Halloween costumes.

Casting Disasters

A look at some classic movies almost ruined by bad casting.

Dinosaur Madness

Everything you could want to know about The Lost World (in 2 and a half minutes).

Robot Madness

Five robot movies you should see instead of Transformers.

How Will you survive Dragon Wars

I made a video about Dragon Wars even though no one had heard of it.

Return of Return of the Living Dead

ROTLD is one of my favorites.

Worst Whatever Ever

Here's why you shouldn't make claims about the worst movie ever made.

Flash Gordon 101

This was the first episode I made for American Movie Classics. Shot by Jeremy Carr, edited by Eric Hendricks. With Mike Birch as Mike Birch.