Look at me, look at me

Here's my updated writer-producer reel.

This features work from AMC's The Sci Fi Department, Comedy Central/Atom's Old People News, and "Next Level" a segment I created for Vh1's Best Week Ever.

Plus a sizzle with gorillas, puppets, wrestlers, dogs, hula hoops, Coney Island and me in KISS make-up.

The song is "New Rose" by The Damned, and this piece was edited by the amazing Eric Hendricks (who edited most of the original videos in the first place.)


Kevin Geeks Out About Dream Sequences (sort of)

How often do you get to produce a show with one of your favorite people/ inspiring peers?

Next Friday I'm getting to do just that, with the always wonderful Tom Blunt.  He's has been hosting MEET THE LADY an excellent video variety show.  (named after Tom's photo blog about women he would like to meet.) 

This month he invited me to co-host and co-curate the show.

MEET THE LADY is like my "Kevin Geeks Out" series, a video variety show arranged around a theme, with guest speakers/performers, rare film clips, trivia and prizes.

The March 25th show is all about that wonderful trope: THE  DREAM SEQUENCE.  Our 2-hour extravaganza will include dozens of clips, plus:


Happy Anniversary KING KONG!

Today marks the 78th anniversary of  the world premiere of KING KONG

The 1933 film opened -- where else? -- in New York City.  The film screened at the RKO Roxy and Radio City musical Hall.

The moving picture was met with great reviews and general amazement.

To celebrate the KONGIVERSARY, my kids and I are making the KING KONG drink.