I was a guest on STAR WARS MINUTE

I was a guest on the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast -- a show where they analyze, scrutinize and celebrate the STAR WARS saga, one minute at a time. We spent 38 minutes discussing minute 111 of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. (That's the minute where Darth Vader tells Luke he is his father.) 

You can listen to the full episode HERE

Fun-fact: The episode was taped live at the Parkside Lounge. And I was at the Parkside Lounge the night I saw the midnight screening of Episode I. The podcast taping was a much better than being at the Ziegfeld Theater while a packed house experienced collective denial. 

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Bobcat Goldthwait and the missing late-night video

Two years ago I wrote about a lost late-night clip that should be on youtube, but isn't. 

Last night I saw Bobcat Goldthwait at the Museum of the Moving Image (doing a Q&A after his excellent, low-fi Bigfoot movie WILLOW CREEK) and asked him to tell the story, since there's no evidence of it on the entire internet (short of my own blog post.) 

Here's Bob describing his gag on The Arsenio Hall Show:

I wanted to share this oral history because there's a trend in low-paid journalism -- if you can't find a clip online, it's as if it never happened. Let this oral history become part of the collective memory.