Last Friday (June 21st) was the final Kevin Geeks Out.  (the theme was KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT ALIENS)

Photos, recap and bonus material to come.

In the meantime, here's a nice write-up about K.G.O. from the wonderful Vault of Horror, by a guy who really "got" the show, Brian Solomon.

Also, here's a photo of the alien cupcakes:


LOST Finale: H.W.G.A.S. edition

I think the worst thing you can do with a pop culture phenomenon is to interpret it for people, or tell them why it's successful or (worst of all) tell people why they really like it. That said, I will share *my* thoughts/reactions/observations to the final episode, simply because I haven't seen this interpretation anywhere in the "mainstream media" (granted I only read 2 - 3 articles.) 


Kevin Geeks Out: A look back

Kevin Geeks Out began while I was doing a weekly web series for American Movie Classics, focussing on Science-fiction movies.  The wonderful Erez Ziv (at the Horse Trade Theater Group) suggested I do a monthly show at the Under St. Marks.  He suggested I rent a movie (from Kim's Video, just down the street from the theater), showing a film that I had spotlighted on my web show.

I thought no one would pay to see a movie that they could rent from Netflix or watch on a computer.  So I came up with an idea for a clip-based show.  Lots of clips around a given theme, all leading up to a feature presentation (a short film, TV episode, something like that.)  Then Meg Sweeney Lawless and Jay Stern started producing the show with me.  We added a co-host (a different one each month.)  We brought in guest speakers.  And then we got rid of the feature presentation to make room for more clips.

The show was great fun, with amazing guests and the best audiences I've ever had the pleasure of appearing before.

After the jump, there's a complete list of shows, followed by a complete list of guests:



After 22 shows, great reviews and sold-out houses, Kevin Maher (pictured, with gorilla) is stopping the run following this Friday’s event (Kevin Geeks Out About Aliens ).  Since January 2008 Kevin produced the monthly “pop culture cavalcade”, covering favorite genre topics like Bigfoot , BatmanDummy Deaths,  Visions of the Future and Shark Cinema.  

Here are five internet rumors about why the show is ending:

1.     Kevin suddenly realized he hates low-budget cult movies from the 70’s.

2.     Kevin only started the show to impress a cool girl in “nerd” glasses, but has since learned she has a boyfriend.

3.     Kevin needs more time to write horrible science-fiction novels under the pen name “William Shatner”

4.     Kevin wants to spend more time with his family, specifically: telling his wife and children some long, anecdotes about the critical reception to “Krull”

5.     Kevin developed a rare form of Terminal Diarrhea.


GEEK BINGO: the home edition

At April's installment of KEVIN GEEKS OUT we got everyone in attendance to play GEEK BINGO.  How does it work?  It's exactly like regular Bingo, but instead of using specific numbers, you fill in a square based on geeky things about yourself. 

(for example, if the letter "B" is picked, the announcer reads "BEEN to Comic-Con"  If you have been to Comic-Con, then you get the point.  The object is to be the first person with 5 checks across or 5 checks down.) 

So take a regular BINGO card or make your own using blank boxes under the letters. 

Next, pick bingo balls out of a hopper (again ignore the numbers, just call the letter) the read one of the statements that are labeled "B"  "I"  "N"  "G"  or  "O"

Once you've gotten 5 across or 5 down, you shout "GEEK BINGO!"

The call-out card is attached and was written with the help of Lisa BeebeScott Christian CarrNoah Tarnow and Mike Whalen.  (Thanks guys!) 


Tin Foil Hat Competition at this Friday's KEVIN GEEKS OUT

This Friday (May 21st) is the final installment of KEVIN GEEKS OUT!

It's also our first (and last) annual TIN FOIL HAT Competition.

So come with your own tin foil hat and enter the contest.  You could win a big prize!  Or maybe you'll meet the love of your life.  If nothing else, you will shield your brain from the most electromagnetci psycotronic mind-control carriers.

Our Friday night show will be a 95-minute cavalcade of alien-themed videos, guest speakers, snacks and presentations -- so of course we'd want to celebrate the choice headgear to prevent extra-terrestrial mind control.


Kevin Geeks Out About ALIENS!

This month, Kevin Geeks Out about ALIENS! 

It's a 90-minute cultural cavalcade of trivia, snacks, prizes, and guest speakers presenting rare film footage and TV clips you won’t find on YouTube or Netflix.  Kevin is joined by co-host Philip Shane (editor of the documentary UFOs – Seeing is Believing) and some very special guests: 

·      Emmy Award-winning Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan looks back at his favorite E.T. rip-off.

·      Dr. Justin Weinstein shares insider secrets with his talk “How to Make a UFO Documentary”

·      Anatomy Teacher Kriota Willberg dissects the concept of alien-as-parasite in science fiction films

·      Artist-Baker Sara Reiss serves up home-made Alien snacks

·      Cartoonist Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed to Thrizzle) presents his Martian-themed comic strips.

All this plus a brief history of Project Blue Book, a survey of the galaxy’s sexiest extraterrestrials, a musical retrospective of “Aliens that Rock”, and a field guide on how to identify alien invaders in everyday settings.
All audience-members are encouraged to compete in the TIN FOIL HAT COMPETITION.  (Tin foil will be provided.) 

Arrive early and you can catch our new PRE-SHOW VIDEO, featuring dozens of clips from past shows and original music ("The Haunting Theme from Kevin Geeks Out") by Anne Kadet 

92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street
New York, NY
$10  (click here for tickets) 

ONE SHOW ONLY - Friday May 21, 8:00pm

Now here's the trailer,  edited by the show's co-host, Philip Shane: