BATMAN podcast

I was a guest on Nick Nadel's new podcast MOVIES MY FRIENDS HAVE NEVER SEEN

Having never seen BATMAN RETURNS (1992) I was invited to watch the film and discuss it. 

Hear it here

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Some highlights include: 
  • My Burton-as-Penguin theory.
  • "Batman Returns" is a tagline, not a title. 
  • One good reason to respect Tim Burton.
  • Me saying "um" a lot. 

BATMAN RETURNS was just added to Netflix Streaming, in case you want to revisit the film (or see it for the first time.) 

And here's a list of titles newly added to Netflix Streaming (We can finally see LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF.) 

A nod to the 1966 episode of the same title. 

Seriously, what does Catwoman want? 

Walken as Walken as Donald Trump as Harvey Dent Max Shreck 

*   *   *