To get ready for Friday's show (KEVIN GEEKS OUT: ALL ABOUT EVIL**) here's an A-Z poem about horror films. 

A is for Alien, chest-bursting bitch

B is for Belial, makes baskets twitch

C's for Chatterer, cenobite #2

D is for Damien, this hanging's for you


8 Great Horror Movies You’ve Never Heard of (But I Have, Because I’m Better Than You) [***A PARODY***]

Looking for some scary movies this Halloween? Horror Hound Kevin Maher rounds up some of the most obscure films you've never heard of, because you don't know anything. 


Zombies are quickly spreading in the mainstream media. And yet no one's heard of this German gore-fest. It's an instant cult-classic!


Lovers of old movies will love this campy, tongue-in-cheek tribute to scary cinema.


Everybody knows the 2003 horror flick, but did you know that was a remake?!  And the original cult classic had not one, but TWO sequels. I did.



I don’t know much about this film, but my friend Tim said most people just skim these types of articles so don't worry about the descriptions.


This black-and-white baby borrows heavily from George R. Romero’s cult classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but still has some serious scares.  


This is a wholly original tale of super-natural suspense staring super-hottie Jessica Alba. I haven't seen this one, but I came across it on imdb. 


The ultimate cult classic where an American girl uncovers evil at a boarding school.  In true Euro-horror style, the viewer is left to decide if the whole experience was just in her imagination.


Admit it: you didn’t know about this one, either. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard of it. Not like you.

        * * * 

Ha ha, get it? 

Man, I hate those list-articles that pop up this time of year. 

But seriously, if you want to see a fun show, come to KEVIN GEEKS OUT: ALL ABOUT EVIL at the Alamo Drafthouse. Get tickets here

Kevin Geeks Out All About Evil Trailer from Matthew Glasson on Vimeo.


with special guests:
Clown Matt Glasson
Comedian Rusty Ward
Filmmaker Matthew Glasson
Cult movie blogger Tenebrous Kate
Variety Show host Tom Blunt

and your host, Kevin Maher

Get tickets here.


Kevin Geeks Out joins The Alamo Drafthouse

The Kevin Geeks Out Show is teaming up with the coolest movie theater in America: The Alamo Drafthouse. 

The first show will be Saturday October 19th at the Yonkers Cinema. (Click HERE for tickets.) When you get tickets you'll choose a specific seat. The event starts at 7:30 but you can arrive at 7:00 and order some food or drinks, which are served during the show. 

KEVIN GEEKS OUT is a live video-variety show that obsesses over some of the greatest topics in pop culture. The event brings together rare videos, guest experts and trivia prizes. Since 2008, Kevin has geeked out with 26 different shows including Bigfoot, Robots, Alien Encounters, Professional Wrestling, Dummy Deaths and Visions of the Future. 

The October 19th show is ALL ABOUT EVIL and features film clips and special presentations about evil clowns, evil computers, evil rocks bands and more. 

Host/comedian Kevin Maher welcomes special guests: 
Clown Matt Wilson
Comedian Rusty Ward
Filmmaker Matthew Glasson
Cult Blogger Tenebrous Kate
Variety Show host Tom Blunt

This world-famous Alamo Drafthouse is the perfect home for the Kevin Geeks Out series. "I've had some excellent times seeing special events at the Drafthouse," Kevin Maher said during a recent press conference that really did happen and isn't something he just made up here. "I attended Phantasmania -- where they showed all four Phantasm movies over the course of three midnight shows, with cast and crew present. And I was there for Bruce Campbellpalooza. The Alamo Drafthouse was an influence on the Kevin Geeks Out show, so it's perfect that we team up now that they're in New York." 

Kevin Geeks Out: All About Evil
Saturday October 19th @ 7:30
The Alamo Drafthouse
2548 Central Park West
Yonkers, New York 

Get tickets HERE

*video edited by Matt Glasson
**poster created by Tenebrous Kate