Christmas on Mars

Wayne Coyne is a real gentleman. You can read a longer version of this interview here

and be sure to check out showtimes at Cinema Purgatorio.com.

Five Freaky Frankenstein Films

After the success of FRANKENSTEIN Night! I wanted to do a video that captured some of the fun-facts from that show.

Thanks to BODIES: The Exhibition, they were really generous -- and they gave me that shirt, which made for a good movie reference. (2-in-1, really.)


Wednesday is SCI FI MUSICAL Night!

Honestly, this Wednesday’s The Sci Fi Screening Room is the best yet.

Co-host Raven Snook and I are excited to do this show.

We’re joined by specials guests Eric Drysdale (The Colbert Report)

and Joe DiPietro (author of The Toxic Avenger: the Musical)

PLUS special appearances by
Alan Arkin
Bea Arthur
Bill Bixby
David Bowie
Charlie Callas
Lou Ferrigno
Gil Gerard
Gerrit Graham
Ruth Gordon
Jessica Harper
Neil Patrick Harris
Deborah Harry
Finola Hughes
Kris Kristofferson
Christopher Lee
Paul Lynde
Patrick Macnee
Rik Mayall
Richard Moll
Olivia Newton-John
Leslie Nielsen
Richard O’Brien
Jerry Orbach
Mackenzie Phillips
Vincent Price
Catherine Mary Stewart
Craig Sheffer (Hardy Jenns in “Some Kind of Wonderful”)
Darth Vader
Herve Villechaize
Cindy Williams
Paul Williams
Raquel Welch
Pia Zadora

and Danny Elfman as the Devil!

They’ll all be there this Wednesday @ 7:00


Wednesday, December 10th

UNDER St. Mark’s
94 St. Mark’s Place (between 1st Ave & Avenue A)

And we’ll have a glam-rock after-party at ATOMIC X @ Beauty Bar
231 E. 14th Street

see you THIS Wednesday,

Now here's a clip of Darth Vader on THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, in a bit written by people who'd clearly never seen STAR WARS...


Hi, I'm Kevin Maher's Blog...


Kevin Maher is a Brooklyn-based writer-producer.

This blog is a place to watch various videos he's made for HBO, CNN and American Movie Classics. Plus independent comedy videos.

Some recent highlights include:

the Sci Fi Department's Halloween episode

Attack of the Super Plants

Sci Fi Happy Hour

It’s also the best place to get details on the live monthly show THE SCI FI SCREENING ROOM -- an editor’s pick in Time Out NY, the New York Times newsletter, Village Voice, Gothamist, and Scientific American (no joke.)

The next show is Wednesday December 10th -- it’s SCI FI MUSICALS Night!

Thanks for visiting.


This Christmas season, The Sci Fi Screening Room is giving you our best show yet:

an evening of songs and scenes from the best Sci Fi Musicals.

Raven Snook returns to co-host this collection of clips from the Golden Age of Cult Musicals. We'll run the gammet from Phantom of the Paradise to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Join us as we celebrate the most mind-boggling numbers from campy favorites such as Forbidden Zone (1980) and Xanadu (1980), to lesser-know films like the Alan Arkin superhero parody The Return of Captain Invincible (1983) and Grease-meets-Swamp Thing oddity Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1987).

Plus we'll chat with Joe DiPietro, who penned The Toxic Avenger Musical. And as always there's cheap beer and free snacks!

The 2-hour video variety show will also include trivia, sing-alongs and TV clips from the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special and the obscure Star Wars-themed episode of The Donnie and Marie Show.

Kevin Maher (American Movie Classics’ The Sci Fi Department) and Raven Snook (Time Out New York) cohost the evening that promises to please geeks, gays and glitter hounds in equal measure.

Wednesday, December 10th @ 7 PM
UNDER St. Mark's
94 St. Mark's Place (between 1st Ave and Avenue A)
just seven bucks

Please don't adapt THE ROAD as a TV Show

No, there's no plans to make Cormac McCarthy's novel into a new F/X mini-series. I'm just messin' with ya. But here are some actual TV shows inspired by movies. (Beyond Westworld not included.)

Here's a clip of that awful Wizard of Oz cartoon.

Why Not TRON-fest?

I finally made it to Lebowski Fest! And all it took was a paper-think premise.

Big shout-out to Will Russell, the co-founding Dude. You will not find a cooler organizer in these United States.

Note: This was one event where the tourists were a lot more fun than the locals. Sorry New Yorkers, you're a little too hip for your own good.

The Barbarella and other Sci-Fi Cocktails

Here's a fun episode we taped at MARS 2112, with special guests St. John Frizell and Miss Saturn.

I discovered a ton of science-fiction inspired cocktails. I hope to one day publish them as a book (ironic for a guy who doesn't drink.)

Surprisingly, no one's invented a BUCKAROO BANZAI cocktail. It seems like the perfect name for a powerful drink. The gauntlet has been thrown down -- I urge all you amateur mixologists to leave a recipe in the comments section.

BIGFOOT Night! A Look Back...

BIGFOOT Night! was really awesome, thanks for everyone who came out or supported in other ways. M. Sweeney Lawless programmed a great evening with videos, drawings, eyewitness accounts and some laugh-out-loud TV and movie clips, including The Legend of Boggy Creek, Bigfoot & Wildboy and The Six Million Dollar Man.

And get this -- the show was reviwed by
Scientific American(!)

We didn’t get much footage from the show, but here’s the part of the show where I encouraged the audience to take out their camera-phones to get photographic evidence of a Bigfoot.

Lucky for you, the always-awesome Jonny Fido had his video camera.

Watch this clip.