BATMAN Pancakes

This morning I had a dream that I made my kids some Batman pancakes. When I woke up, you can imagine my disappoinment that it was just a dream. (And I can imagine your disappointment in my dream-life. Get over it. I married my dream girl, so now I have to fantasize about delighting my sons with novelty superhero breakfasts.)

When I googled the phrase BATMAN PANCAKES I hoped to find an inexpensive kitchen tool, like a cookie-cutter in the shape of the Bat-logo, but for a griddle. (I've seen the same thing with making eggs in the shape of handguns.) But instead, I came across this online diary about a transgendered college student - and while the headline is about "homosexual non-demoninational batman pancakes", it's not a queer reading about Batman and Robin. As a matter of fact there's no mention of the Caped Crusader outside of the attention-grabbing headline.

For now my quest continues to find the easy pancake maker that strikes fear in the heart of criminals.

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Flickr photo filed under Batman Pancake, looks more like Frank the Rabbit.

Here's two great T-shirts from Natalie Dee that are no longer available.

Blog devoted entirely to Batman Cookies and that includes Solomon Grundy cookies. (thanks Lia!)

Save the Date: 2/24/10

And finally:

we should note that The Coen Brothers did let character actor Peter Stormare get his pancakes two years later in The Big Lebowski when the German Nihilists eat at Dinah's Original Pancake & Chicken House.

Lastly: Stormare played Dracula in the 2005 movie The Batman Vs. Dracula. It always comes back to Batman.

Kingdom of the Spiders

The wonder people at SHOUT! Factory are always surprising with what they'll put on DVD. So far they've issued hard-to-find gems like SCTV, Johnny Got His Gun, The Stepfather, Zach Galafianakis at the Purple Onion, The Stewardesses (in 3D) and The Dana Carvey Show.

What will they think up next?

The good news: They're releasing a deluxe wide-screen edition of the William Shatner vs. Spiders epic, KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS. A creepy 1977 movie that looks, sounds, feels like a TV movie -- but isn't!

The bad news: they're releasing it after Christmas.

You can read further details here -- and while we're on the topic, you can watch my old AMC webisode about The Top Five Spider Movies -- a list which stands the test of time.


Faces of Dummy Deaths: a fun photo quiz

Don't forget, this Friday at 8, it's KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT DUMMY DEATHS!

To get you suitably excited, here's photo quiz called
(Always polite when asking friends to identify simulations of graphic violence.)

The first person to name these films wins TWO FREE TICKETS to this Friday's show.

HINT: This expensive dummy is supposed to look like the star of the 1993 film, which was based on an old TV show.

HINT: You've probably never seen this movie. But you will see this scene if you come to KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT DUMMY DEATHS. Also, it rhymes with "Clatter"

HINT: It's a foreign film. Shot in black and white. And the title is "Intentions of a Murder"

HINT: Another foreign film, this one's from Italy, where audiences flock to see movies where priests are thrown off the top of a mountain.

HINT: It's from one of the DEATH WISH sequels.

HINT: This is not a dummy-death, but a fun photo none-the-less. Hitchcock used a dummy as his own stand-in for his cameo. And being a clever guy, he probably found other uses for the dummy, like propping it in the bushes outside of Tippi Hedren's home.

Post your answers/guesses in the comments section. (Or email them to inagaddadakevin@yahoo.com)

If you know you don't know, but want to see the show, go here to buy tickets in advance (no service fee!)


Save the date: November 20th is DUMMY DEATH Night

KEVIN GEEKS OUT about Dummy Deaths!

Friday, November 20th @ 8pm

at the 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street, NY, NY

For more details and advance tickets (no service charge), go HERE

Kevin Geeks Out! is a monthly video variety show, which brings together vintage film clips, rare TV footage, guest speakers, experts, games and curiosities. To geek out with Kevin, you don't need to be a geek, you just need to love cool stuff.

Since 2008 we've geeked out with 16 different installments, topics included Bigfoot! – Robots! – Video Games! – Frankenstein! – Batman! – KISS! – Hulk! – and in last month’s show, Vincent Price!

November's show is hosted by two dudes who have out-geeked me when it comes to Dummy Deaths. They call themselves the Flying Maciste Brothers, and they have devoted their adult lives to examining those quick instances where a stuntman is replaced with a disposable doppelganger; the moment when the baton of existence is passed from human actor to inert fascimile.

Join us as we celebrate Prosthetic Demise in everything from low-budget b-movies to Hollywood Blockbusters, including silent films, classic westerns, Kung-Fu cinema, 1970’s crime dramas, Italian Horror, futuristic science-fiction—even industrial training films. Plus special guests:

• Actor Matt Mitler shows his scenes from 1985’s The Mutilator.

• Director Matthew Glasson shares the secrets about using blood-filled rubber heads in his film The Family Tie.

• Blogger Rumsey Taylor shares his favorite 80's VHS dummy deaths.

• Actor Kevin Scullin shows how he was replaced with a dummy in DEADMATE.

All this, and dummy-death themed Cupcakes! (You'll have to come to the show to see for yourself)