R.I.P. Jerry Robinson

Artist Jerry Robinson created The Joker.  Even though Mr. Robinson is no longer with us, his creation will live on in comic books, graphic novels, blockbuster movies, Big Gulp cups, Converse All Star Hi Joker Batman Athletic Shoes, childrens' bedsheets, action figures, Mark Hamill voice recordings, Pez dispensers, Christmas ornaments, novelty records, fake vintage T-shirts, carnival game knock-off plushies, bobbleheads, queer fan fiction, illegally downloaded TV shows, Japanese collectibles, questionable tattoos, Simpsons' references, un-funny political cartoons, well-intentioned youtube tribute videos, cereal bowls, shot glasses, overpriced posters, Fisher Price playhouses, back-to-school supplies, college thesis papers by nerds, kids' Halloween costumes and the unreleased (but written) obituaries for Jack Nicholson, Alan Moore and Frank Miller.

Here's R. Sikoryak's recent illustration of Robinson (this first appeared in The New Yorker)



I'm delighted to announce that KEVIN GEEKS OUT will be bringing back the HOLIDAY GRAB BAG SHOW.  Instead of the traditional "obsessive theme nights" we welcome some of our favorite returning guests (and new friends) to share their favorite geek-obsessions.

Topics include:

How He-Man spends the Holidays

A close look at the most depressing Christmas song

Confessions of a 12-time Macy's Santa

Tour Diary by Britney Spears' punk clown

Doom Cakes: the cinematic tradition in which any beautifully decorated cake serves as a harbinger of imminent catasropher (often include the destruction of said cake)

All this, plus weird and wonderful segments like geek bingo, trivia prizes, rare videos, stump the guest panelist and free snacks!

BUY TICKETS HERE  (no service charge)

Multi-media variety shows don't get better than this, so come on out and geek out with these special guests:

Tom Blunt (host of (2Y Tribeca's MEET THE LADY)

Glen Heroy (actor and clown)

M. Sweeney Lawless (writer for THE LOWBROW READER)

Nick Nadel (editor of TheFW.com)

Professor Geoff Klock (author of HOW TO READ SUPERHERO COMICS AND WHY)

Sara Reiss (baker, blogger, self-described "hater")

Matt Wilson (TV's Cyberspace)


Friday December 9th at 8pm

92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street

BUY TICKETS HERE  (no service charge)


Recap of my guest lecture at the School of Visual Arts

On Monday night, I gave a guest lecture at the School of Visual Arts.  The students said it was "very entertaining" -- because when I lecture, I put on a show!

The class is titled "Careers in the Industry", so I spoke about my various writing jobs.  During the 90-minutes I covered a ton of topics including:

cliches in writing, the dangers of advice, my best jobs, my worst jobs, working at CNN, never say you "want to be a writer", what happens when you don't set goals, writing a polite email, writing for Leslie Nielsen, how topical humor is like a kidnapping, figuring out what the monster wants, the evil Genie, creating characters like you're paining self-portraits, Charles Willeford's tip about writing a page each day before you urinate, finding symbolism in everyday life, trying to fit 10 jokes into a :30 video, unpacking an assignment when someone says it should be "short" and "funny", coming up with a show that's cheaper than "Pants off Dance-Off", and so much more.

I was thrilled that when I mentioned Rod Serling, everyone knew who he was.


Cute Kids urge you to support my Kickstarter Campaign for ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY

We've reached the point in my fundraising campaign where I'm exploiting my children to raise money.  (But it's okay, it's for a good cause.)

In this new video, I explain HOW KICKSTARTER WORKS -- it's so easy even these adorable children understand it.  (More or less.)

Kickstarter fundraisers are ALL OR NOTHIN'.  If I don't reach my fundraising goal, I won't receive anything and these past few weeks will have been wasted.

Just writing that makes me feel ill.  So please PLEDGE TODAY.

If I do reach my goal, you'll be funding my dream project!  You're so cool, that way.

And watch the full-trailer below:

Donate here

Thanks in advance!



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Video of Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay at NY Comic Con

The Basics on Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay


Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay - fundraising update

Click HERE to donate to Kevin Maher's kickstarter campaign for ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY. 

The above clip was taped during THE IRON MULE NYC’s longest-running comedy film series.  The crowd loved the trailer for ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY, and I needed some positive re-enforcements.

True Story: an old friend did me a favor by sharing A12SDC with one of the biggest comedy websites. But the executive didn’t like it (had my video been on his site, he would have voted “Die”) This proves that the web-series won’t get made by a big corporate entity. It’s independent comedy and it will only get made by YOU.

Elsewhere in the comedy world, ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY is being backed by a producer from NBC’s COMMUNITY (the sitcom, not the actual NBC community).  A hilarious writer from CONAN has generously donated and spread the word.  And a two-time Emmy winning writer from THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART has kicked in and told others to do the same.

But I’m most excited to have YOU involved.  This is no longer my project, it’s OUR project.  And we’re gonna get this thing made. 

Thanks for your support. 


Below is a clip of the trailer, playing before the Iron Mule audience. 
Click HERE to see the full-trailer and donate! 


Live from Comic Con: Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay

Last month I was invited to New York Comic Con, New York's biggest event for comic books, gaming, animation, science-fiction and fantasy.  For four days, the Javits Center is over-run with fans of every type.

I was asked to participate in a panel on "geek humor."

When I spoke with event organizer (GeekChicNYC's Mike Singer), I mentioned that there's a video I wish I could show.

What I meant was, "I have a funny video idea, Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay.  I wish I'd made it."

He thought I meant, "Please allow me to show my video, which exists."

Mike said, "Let's show it!" not realizing that the video did not exist.

So I quickly thew together a variety show, where I could videotape the 12-Sided Diceman before an audience.   (Click HERE to see Matthew Glasson's photos from that show, SEXY NERDS & DIRTY WORDS)

The live-show was just days before Comic Con.  My trusted editor Eric Hendricks took on the job and we cut together the winning 3-minute trailer.

Here's the finished trailer:

The video played beautifully -- some jokes weren't heard because the audience was laughing so hard.  Now I want to make this as a web-series, to follow the adventures of Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay.  (You can make that dream come true by pledging a contribution HERE)

Here are some photos from the NY Comic Con panel:
(L to R: Elliott Kalan, Kevin Maher, Susie Felber, Stephen Wacker, Jessi Klein)

photo by Chelsea Smith, doublewide media
Q&A, photo by Susie Felber

Here we are watching the trailer:

photo by Chelsea Smith, doublewide media

Here's my update from Comic Con:

And here's where you come in.

This web-series needs grassroots support or it won't get made.

Please go here and pledge what you can.

Repost the trailer, retweet this blog post.  Email it to your friends who'd like such nerdy/dirty comedy.  No corporate sponsor is going to get on board with this project.

Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING: If I don't meet my goal, you won't be charged and I won't get any money.  But if I do meet my goal, you'll be supporting a dream project.

I'm counting on YOU to help me make the dream come true.  Thanks for your love.




Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay: a new video project by Kevin Maher

I used to make short comedy videos all the time. 

Then I had two kids.  Now most of the projects I do are work-for-hire with corporate sponsorship.  They pay the bill and I make the videos they want.

But all that's about to change.  If you can help me.

*          *          *

I was invited to NY Comic Con to speak at a panel on Geek Humor.

Rather than just talk, I made a short-video about the ultimate geek comic: ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY.

The 3-minute trailer played beautifully, the audience loved it.

Now I want to make a web-series.

But I can't do it without YOUR help.  No corporate entity wants to align its product with a greaser telling filthy Star Wars jokes.  I need grassroots support.

I need people like you (specifically YOU) to get involved.

Pledge what you can to my kickstarter campaign

If I don't reach my fundraising goal, you won't be charged anything.  And if I do reach my goal, your contribution will be funding my dream project.  And you'll get a number of perks and kick-backs, depending on the amount you pledge. (Click here to see what you'll receive.)

So far over 300 people have re-posted the trailer on Facebook.  But a *like* is not the same as a contribution.  At the current fundraising rate, I will not reach my goal.

Please repost this page, re-tweet it, or just email it to a friend, and encourage your friends to support this campaign.  (It's easy, just click here, it takes 2 minutes)

Please take part in this one-of-a-kind comedy web-show.

thanks so much.



Mark Douglas as the 12-Sided Diceman, photo by Matthew Glasson

More about the project:

The series would star comedian Mark Douglas (a YouTube Sensation from the KEY OF AWESOME series)  Mark is one of the funniest guys I know.  He's also no stranger to comedy videos, his song parodies are hugely successful, his Kei$ha video was the 6th most watched video on YouTube last year.  For years, Mark and I had worked together on Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game.

DP Jeremy Carr has been working with me for years on projects like Comedy Central's Old People NewsPuppet Rodeo, and AMC's The Sci Fi Department.  He's just wrapping up production of his feature film, LUCID.  I'm lucky to have Jeremy involved.

Editor Eric Hendricks is another one of my go-to guys, having worked with me on Puppet Rodeo, Old People News and The Sci Fi Department.  He's edited TV shows and is cutting a documentary now, but he's got excellent comedic chops. Eric's one of my favorite people to work with.

The web-series will follow the adventures of Andrew 12-Sided Dice Man, as he butts heads with rival comedians, struggles to find success, alientes his fan-base, and attempts to find lucrative TV gigs.   And we'll even see a focus group watch his routine.

I hope you'll help me with this project.  I have a hard time asking for help, so this is good practice.

But seriously, pledge here.  Thanks!


Frankenstein & Me

Growing up as a tall kid, I was always forced to be Frankenstein whenever my friends played monsters.  I'm sure other tall kids had to put up with this. 

This continued as an adult, when my old sketch group was developing a TV show called MONSTERS ON THE RUN, I was to play the fugitive Frankenstein Monster (framed for a crime he didn't commit.  He was framed by a rich Kennedy-esque Playboy Mummy and lost his trial when a William Kunstler-esque lawyer used the case as an opportunity to blame society, saying, "You're the monsters! YOU are the monsters."  I wish we'd made that.) 

One Halloween I was the monster, my wife was the bride, my kids were the Doctor and Igor.  (You can make a cute baby look spooky by adding a unibrow and hunchback.) 

One of the first KEVIN GEEKS OUT shows was dedicated to FRANKENSTEIN.  Mary Shelly's novel is the most adapted work of literature (in your face, Madame Bovary!)  So there are so many odd interpretations to look at.  

We screened clips from Frankenstein Vs. Baragaon, Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, TV's The Monster Squad (at 1970's TV series in which Frankenstein, Dracula and the Werewolf team up to fight crime, aided by The Love Boat's Gofer and a super-computer.)  and more. 

We listened to an excellent radio adaptation by the Quicksilver Radio Theatre. 

We also watched Thomas Edison's Frankenstein film (from 1910), which I'd first seen at a Frankenstein film festival in New Jersey.  It was introduced by a religious old kook, who owned the film print and because he was letting the theater screen his movie, he insisted on speaking before the film and speaking out against evolution.  (Which, he believes is at the heart of Edison's adaptation, because the monster is not a re-animated corpse, but a man made from the earth.)  

Throughout the night we saw some radical interpretations of the classic character, and the audience really got excited seeing Boris Karloff, it's like he's THE ONE.  This PSA parody was a big hit at the show, and it still holds up. 

Here's an old AMC video I made looking at some of my favorite adaptations: 

Here's a collection of 50 Posters from various Frankenstein Movies

And in this new video Rusty Ward and I look at FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND, featuring several great clips from the movie. 

And in my newest video, I use one of my all-time favorite gags about the monster: 

(Hey, be sure to donate to the kickstarter campaign HERE)

Frankenstein is always showing up in popular culture. 

DC's WEIRD WAR TALES ran a great series of stories about CREATURE COMMANDOS, in which the Mosnter, teams up with Dracula and the Wolf man to battle Nazis.  (I don't know why writers are always pairing these three up.  I mean, in real life they seem like they wouldn't get along at all.) 

In Dickie Goodman's novelty song FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE BEATLES, the monster becomes envious of the band's popularity, so he forms a rock quartet to compete with the Fab Four.  The Liverpool lads end up feeling sorry for him and invite him to join the band, though it's never clear what instrument he plays. 

The new anthology horror-comedy CHILLERAMA features a very funny segment about THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN, but as an internet nerd it's my duty to point out that the gag was made a decade earlier by Michael O'Donoghue.  (Click here to read his SPIN magazine piece, "Six Hit Movies.") 

The influence of Mary Shelley's story shows up in the oddest places, here's some holiday-themed pop-tarts that seem to play out a theme from the novel: 

"'I am alone and miserable: man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must create.'"  ~ The Monster, in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Happy Halloween everybody. 

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SEXY NERDS & DIRTY WORDS - show recap with photos

Thanks to everybody who attended the first ever show of SEXY NERDS &D IRTY WORDS -- we had a killer line-up of guests (pictured below) and a sold-out audience filled with cool people.  (They kept an open mind and stayed "with us" as performers like to say.)

Here are some photos from the event (courtesy of ace photographer Matthew Glasson)

I opened the show with some of my filthiest material: nasty jokes, stuff I refused to tweet, and a collection of my "dirty alliteration" (which was co-written by my wife.)  These jokes were a perfect way to open the show, and the audience dug it, but I really can't share it on the web, as a potential employer might object to jokes like: "I just ate a bowl of diarrhea.  And the worst part is, I wasn't even hungry."

Then Matt Wilson joined me for a staged reading of a classic sex-talk titled "The Roommates Hatch a Plan."

Spoken Nerd poet Jared Singer read his first piece of the night, a very funny and moving autobiographical poem that touched on action figures and Saturday morning cartoons.  I love being at a show where one of the acts makes a passing reference to Yusagi Yojimbo.  Click here to see Jared performing at the Bowery Poetry Poetry Club.

Next, the noted nerd, wit and long-time friend M. Sweeney Lawless revealed the conspiracy theory about putting gorillas on comic book covers.  In the 1950's, DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz observed that the best selling comic books were ones that featured primates on the cover.  Meg examined several examples, many of which you can see here with commentary by Meg and me. 

Then the audience was treated to a video-game inspired routine by burlesque performer Iris Explosion.  You can watch Iris work the room as Ms. Pac-Man.  (note: I first saw this act at Tom Blunt's amazing show MEET THE LADY.  If you like my shows, you should see what Tom does.) 

Come to think of it, Ms. Pac-Man was always pretty racy for a kids' arcade game. 

Next up was a high-concept act: Mark Douglas performed as ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY.  He's the bad-boy of the comic shop, telling jokes that are obscene, obscure and observational.  

We videotaped his set and a few days later it screened at New York Comic Con during a panel on "Geek Humor."  The live-act was a hit and the video killed at Comic Con.  Watch the video HERE and please donate money to our kickstarter campaign so we can make more videos about the 12-Sided Diceman. 

 Also that night we played GEEK BINGO (photos not available.)

The always-entertaining Mike Edison read from his new book, DIRTY! DIRTY! DIRTY!: Of Playboys, Pigs and Penthouse Paupers - An American Tale of Sex and Wonder.   You may recognize Mike from  Kevin Geeks Out About Genre Busters where he performed with his beatnik band, talking about sex, drugs and professional wrestling. 

Related: here's the 3-D trailer for Mike's new book....

*            *            * 

Then we got a return visit from ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY, who did some of the same jokes -- but from a different camera angle.  We got great coverage (you can see the 3-minute trailer here), the video was shot by Jeremy Carr and edited by Eric Hendricks, the same team who joined me on most of my videos, from AMC's Sci Fi Department to Comedy Central's Puppet Rodeo.  But unlike those web-series, Dice won't get financed by a corporate entity. The material is too dirty and too nerdy.  So we need the support of people like you (specifically, YOU!)  You can pledge here and learn more about our Kickstarter campaign

Also, in the video I play a hack comic who is too cool for school.  Here I am wearing a hoodie, with my hands in my pockets, not trying very hard -- because cool people don't try very hard. 

Lastly, closing out the show, Matt Wilson did some racy balloon art and he closed with a "sword swallowing" routine, set to AC/DC's "Back in Black."   We taped his set, I hope he puts it online.  In the meatime, you can see the photos here.... 

Goodnight everybody.  And again, please donate to our kickstarter page


"Why do you give into these impulses?"

Yesterday at a work Town Hall, I very publicly asked a question to a boss who made $88 million dollars last year.  Nothing offensive or explicit, but it was a smart-ass remark.  My co-workers giggled and afterwards people gave me high-fives.

I got home and re-told the story to my wife.  Afterwards she faced me with a serious look and asked "Why do you give into these impulses?"

It's a good question, my wife is one of the smartest people I've ever me and she KNOWS me.  (Most people who know me or have worked with me can probably site examples of this terrible, self-destructive behavior.)

I'm going to try and answer that question.

In no particular order:

Sometimes I'll think "it would be cool if someone did (obnoxious act or stupid remark)."  And when no one does it, I decide "I guess I'll have to do it."

*      *      * 

I fell in love with "The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner" and its romanticization of self-destructive rebels.

*      *      * 

Working-class people ruin their opportunities for upward mobility, so that they don't betray their people.

*      *      * 

In high school I did a book report about Abraham Lincoln and fell in love with this detail: John Wilkes Booth shot himself, with the attitude that "only a Booth is worthy to take the life of a Booth."  Maybe I'm wired the same way, I want to beat my oppressors to the punch.

*      *      * 

I fear success.

*      *      * 

In my old sketch group I wrote a scene about a jerk who goes on Jeopardy and keeps losing points by including editorial commentary in his answers.  The Final Jeopardy had a clue about the 40th President of the United States.  But our man bet all his money and said "Who is mass-murdered Ronald Regan?"  He lost the game, but as far as he was concerned he won.

*      *      * 

I think Buddy handled this situation just right:

*      *      * 

Does any of this make sense?

If you could see the inside of my mind, you'd ask "why is the dashboard covered with so many prominently placed SELF-DESTRUCT buttons?"

I think Willy Vlautin would understand -- he writes about a lot of troubled fuck-ups who are their own worst enemies.  In an interview Willy talks about how when he was younger he owned a lot of Charles Bukowski books, and after spending a lot of money on them, he decided the books were a bad influence and if he got rid of the books, he'd turn his life around.  Maybe Vlautin is my Bukowski and I should get rid of his novels.

Don't worry, Willy.  I'll never do that.

To be continued.....


Save the Date: Sunday October 9th


You're invited to this one-time-only comedy-variety show where erotica meets neurotica, where the obscene meets the obscure, it's comedy for geeks, by geeks, it's.... Sexy Nerds and Dirty Words.  

Host KEVIN MAHER (from the long-running series Kevin Geeks Out) presents a line-up of performers guaranteed to delight nerds of all ages. 

Burlesque Performer IRIS EXPLOSION performs a racy dance designed especially for video-game fans. 

Internet super-star MARK DOUGLAS (The Key of Awesome) delivers some R-rated geeky comedy.

Author MIKE EDISON reads from his new book, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!, chronicling the history of America's greatest girlie magazines.

M. SWEENEY LAWLESS uncovers a secret conspiracy in comic book covers.

Performance Poet JARED SINGER shares some "Spoken Nerd" poetry.

Plus a game of GEEK BINGO will help determine who's the biggest geek in the audience. 

Plus: Dramatic reading of fan fiction, un-censored tweets and a special video-taping for a segment that will be screened at New York Comic Con. 

UNDER St Marks, 94 St Marks Place (between 1st Ave and Avenue A) 
Sunday October 9th @ 7:00pm
Just five bucks

*      *      * 

About Kevin Maher (producer/host) 

Kevin Maher is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer whose work has appeared on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and HBO.  He hosted AMC’s THE SCI FI DEPARTMENT (short-listed for a Webby Award) and created the viral Comedy Central web series “Old People News” and “Puppet Rodeo.”
Since 2008, Kevin has geeked out with 24 different installments of his video variety night KEVIN GEEKS OUT, filling those gaps in your education about Bigfoot! – Robots! – Video Games! – Werewolves! – KISS! – Batman! – and Sharks! His shows have been critics’ picks in the Village Voice, Time Out New York, Gothamist, The New York Times’ “Urban Eye”...and what other comedy show can you name that’s been featured in Scientific American Online?

Kevin’s been tapped to host doublewide media’s upcoming television series RANDOM FANDOM, exploring the fan conventions and fanatic cultures for Harry Potter, Steampunk, Star Trek, Big Lebowski and more.

On a dare, Kevin once wrote 100 haiku about BATMAN.


Words to live by

"Ice Cream is good, but an ice cream cake shaped like a whale and covered in fudge is better."
- Tom Carvel

I find great inspiration in the above quote. 


I'm always finding new ways to make my work better. When I'm producing live shows or videos, I want to add entertainment value anywhere I can. I need to go above and beyond and do it with a sense of showmanship. 


8 Reasons I'm psyched to see ALLIGATOR this Monday

This Monday night, Matthew Glasson and I have the honor of introducing ALLIGATOR (1980) at the 92Y Tribeca.  (Get details and tickets here)

I'm excited for a bunch of reasons:

The way a giant-alligator movie was meant to be seen.

When Matthew and I did our 2-hour show devoted to SHARK CINEMA we'd researched dozens of nature-gone-wrong movies from the 1970's and 80's.  But I never got to see ALLIGATOR in its entirety, only the trailer:


A few thoughts about SHARK NIGHT 3-D

Last night I finally got to see SHARK NIGHT.  My friend Ritch Duncan and I saw it at the 42nd Street E-Walk in PRX, in a 500-seat theater with leather seats.  We paid $19.50.  Each.

Yes, that's almost 20 bucks on the shark movie that the A.V. Club rated an "F".  I should not be allowed out of the house with money.

* * *

One character in SHARK NIGHT 3D reveals that his email address is Gordon79.  So presumably he's a 32-year-old college student.

Or it could be the script was written 12 years ago.  That might make sense, because one of the characters is described as being good at making "mix tapes" -- not iTunes playlists, MIX TAPES.

* * *

One guy walked out of the theater during the movie.  Maybe he was expecting SHARK KNIGHT 3-D?

* * *

Whether you see SHARK NIGHT in 2D or 3D, the characters are still in 1D.


Just Sayin'

FACES OF DEATH presents fake animal torture as though it is real.

THE ADVENTURES OF MILO & OTIS does the opposite.


Kevin Geeks Out About Rip-Off Cinema


Kevin Geeks Out is the comedy-variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher – a confabulation of vintage film clips and videos, new finds, guest experts, games and curiosities. To geek out with Kevin you don’t need to be a geek, you just need to love cool stuff. 

Since 2008, Kevin has geeked out with 23 different installments of his video variety night to fill those gaps in your education about Bigfoot! – Robots! – Video Games! – Werewolves! – KISS! – Batman! – and Sharks! His shows have been critics’ picks in the Village Voice, Time Out New York, Gothamist, The New York Times’ “Urban Eye”...and what other comedy show can you name that’s been featured in Scientific American Online?

This month, Kevin Geeks Out about RIP-OFF CINEMA, chronicling the “knockbusters” that attempt to capture the magic of E.T., KING KONG, WAR OF THE WORLDS and other big-budget blockbusters. The two-hour cultural cavalcade includes trivia, snacks, prizes, and guest speakers presenting rare film footage and TV clips you won’t find on YouTube or Netflix.  Kevin is joined by some very special guests:  

·      Emmy Award-winning Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan looks back at his favorite E.T. rip-off.  (It’s not Mac and Me!)
·      Writer M. Sweeney Lawless gives a brief history of films that aped KING KONG.
·      Comic Book Blogger Nick Nadel presents a montage of Super-hero knock-offs from around the world.
·      Professor Geoff Klock illustrates the difference between a rip-off and an homage.
·      Filmmaker Matthew Glasson shares scenes from his favorite JAWS copycat (that was actually banned from the U.S. for copyright infringement!)
·      Horror Blogger Brian Solomon presents a study of HALLOWEEN rip-offs.
·      And Artist-Baker Sara Reiss serves up “knock-off” themed treats.
·      Plus trivia games and prizes that will include knock-off products.

Thursday September 15th @ 8pm
92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street  NYC

buy tickets HERE