Puppet Rodeo

My new Comedy Central/Atom web-pilot is up. PUPPET RODEO is the story of brave, misunderstood puppets who risk their lives riding dogs. Competitively. We shot this in November, but it's just going online now to cash-in on the popularity of Rodeo Season (no joke!)

Puppet Rodeo

It was a challenging shoot, since dogs don't take direction. But I got to work with some awesome animals -- and some very talented humans, including DP Jeremy Carr, Shooter Ryan Fidrick, Voice-Actors Mark Douglas and Karen Sneider, and Eric Hendricks who served as editor, co-producer and puppeteer. And the dudes at Charged who made the puppets and sets.

Ryan, Eric and Jeremy also worked on OLD PEOPLE NEWS.

Old People News

OLD PEOPLE NEWS was supposed to become a web-series, but then the economy tanked. Too bad, I loved writing for those characters and continue to come up with jokes for them.

Behind-the-Scenes: PUPPET RODEO

Here are some photos taken during the two-day shoot (and longer edit) of that hilarious, award-winning short, PUPPET RODEO.

The web-pilot was made for Comedy Central/Atom.com It won the prize for Judges' Favorite at the 2009 Backseat Film Festival in Philadelphia. The crowd really went for it, and so did guest-of-honor filmmaker Adam Rifkin.

Behind the Scenes: OLD PEOPLE NEWS

Behind-the-scenes photos from that hilarious, award-winning short OLD PEOPLE NEWS.

We had a phenomenal cast, including Arthur Anderson who is one of the last surviving members of Orson Welles' Mercury Players.

Old People News won the audience favorite award at the Iron Mule Film Festival in January, 2009.


Who Wore It Better?

Top Photo: Jeff Goldblum as New Jersey in 1984's The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.

Bottom Photo: Paul Reubens as Pee-Wee in 1985's Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Aggie Guerard Rodgers was the costume designer for both films.