Star Wars of Italian Dish?

Here's a video I appeared in for TheFW.com, we went to New York Comic Con and asked if a given name was something from the Star Wars universe or Italian food. 
Written by Nick Nadel. Produced by Nick Nadel and Ryan Simmons. Edited by Ryan Simmons. 


Post-Apocalyptic Trivia Quiz!

At New York Comic Con I co-hosted Emmy Laybourne's show POST-APOCALYPSE NOW!

Here are trivia questions from the show -- along with a bunch we didn't use.  (Scroll to the bottom for the answers)  

Q1. What Garbage Pail Kid shares his name with the hero of a post-apocalyptic trilogy?

Q2. What big-budget post-apocalyptic adventure was completely ignored because it came out shortly after STAR WARS?

Q3: The dog from A BOY & HIS DOG also appeared on what classic TV sitcom?

Q4.What futuristic novel has been adapted into 6 theatrical films, a TV series, a Saturday morning cartoon and several comic books?


A's for APOCALYPSE: #7 in a series of pop culture primers

In honor of this Saturday's NY Comic Con show POST-APOCALYPSE NOW! I wrote a poem about post-apocalyptic fiction. Click here for event details. 

A's for APOCALYPSE with mushroom clouds

B is for the BOY, he makes the man proud

C is for COMETS that bring on the end

D is for the DOG, a boy's bestest friend


How to Lose An Election

Here's why I could never run for office.

This was shot and edited by William Scurry.  We taped in my actual neighborhood. And those are my real kids.