The real HBO Summer Film Series (schedule)

Each summer HBO programs a film series at Bryant Park, showing stuff like Cat Ballou, Funny Girl and obligatory "classics" starring Robert Redford or Jimmy Stewart. But how about a summer film series celebrating the movies that made HBO?

This list started as a joke, then became a reality. The movies were picked by fans of The Sci Fi Screening Room (ballots at shows, emails to me, and votes via Facebook)

Each show starts at 7 PM, with an introduction by Kevin Maher.

Plus cheap beer, trivia-prize intermission and the occasional special guest.

C.H.U.D. (1984)
Monday July 6
New York City’s homeless population are mutating into homicidal monsters that terrorize the city. The B-Movie horror classic pits Daniel Stern and John Heard against the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. (96 minutes)

RED DAWN (1984)
Wednesday July 15
7 PM
It’s the Brat Pack versus the Commies in this insane bit of Reagan-era propaganda where Soviets invade America. The movie holds the record for the highest body count in cinema history. See bloodshed with Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey and Harry Dean Stanton. (114 minutes)

Monday August 3rd
7 PM
Chevy Chase stars in this screwball comedy inspired by the making of The Wizard of Oz. The film features midgets, Nazis, dead dogs, racism and Carrie Fisher in her underwear. It will unlikely be on DVD. (97 minutes)

Monday August 10
7 PM
Inspired, incoherent science-fiction epic teams the always-creepy Peter Weller with the always-intense Jeff Goldblum as they battle evil creatures from another dimension. Visually referenced by Wes Anderson. (102 minutes)

Wednesday August 19
7 PM
The best adaptation of Alex Raymond’s comic strip is also the gayest, thanks to its Queen soundtrack and kinky aesthetics. Super-producer Dino Di Laurentiis helmed the Barbarella-esque Space Opera between making King Kong and Dune. (111 minutes)

UNDER St. Mark's
94 St. Mark's Place (beneath the tattoo parlor)
Between 1st Ave and Avenue A

$5 tickets
All shows start at 7:00 PM

with an introduction and intermission.
Plus trivia, prizes and cheap beer.


At Last: The Best of the Sci Fi Screening Room

This is it.

The Sci Fi Screening Room’s Greatest Hits.

We’ve collected the funniest/funkiest clips from all the previous shows.

The best stuff from:

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and even Grab Bag Night

Never seen the show? Here’s your chance to catch up with an epic 99-minute video cavalcade featuring footage you won't find on YouTube of Netflix.

Plus: New clips that didn't fit into previous theme nights.

Along with Music, Trivia, Prizes, Free Snacks, Cheap Beer and... a chance for two lucky audience members to challenge our PAC-MAN Champ.

Come see the show that has been featured in The New York Times, Scientific American and a David Hasslehoff Fan blog.


Wednesday June 17th @ 7 PM

UNDER St. Mark's
94 St. Mark's Place (between 1st Ave and Avenue A)

Still just $7

“Prepare to be annihilated with glorious geekyness.” – NY PRESS

“…not quite a scientific conference, but it was entertaining, nonetheless.” – SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

“This show kicks seven different kinds of ass!” – Ernie Cline, FANBOYS screenwriter

“Kevin knows way too much about this shit.”- Bob Balaban, Actor/Director

“Kevin Maher is a shining example of truly Independent humor and spirit. Not only that, but he’s actually funny, too!” - Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma and creator of The Toxic Avenger

* Photos by Matthew Glasson

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