TOP 3 - a podcast favorite

Bruce Campbell says "Movies that are easy to make are hard to watch."

Maybe so, but this is the most fun I've had taping a podcast AND it's damn good listening.

Comedian/long-time friend Liam McEneaney hosts a conversation with TV's Frank (Frank Conniff of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame), Musician Cat Popper and me.

Listen to the episode HERE

Liam's regular podcast, titled TELL YOUR FRIENDS, is a mix of interviews and comedy and storytelling. The concept of TOP 3 is simple: Liam and his guests name their top 3 favorites in a given area.

Topics include Top 3 Favorite Stephen King works (Non-Novels)

Top 3 Science-Fiction TV shows

Top 3 Bassists

Plus some nice tangents about houseboat owners in New York City and a personal anecdote about Duke Ellington. 

Listen to it all right HERE



If you like this format, catch up and hear the previous two "TOP 3" editions of TELL YOUR FRIENDS podcast, where we cover everything from Top 3 comedy writers, Top 3 TV shows (pre-1980), Top 3 comedy teams, and much more. 

Listen to the first time we did a TOP 3

and then catch up with the second time we did it

Liam's recording is his next album on Sunday January 10th (2016) at the Bell House in Brooklyn. 

Here's a link for tickets. (Just 8 bucks if you order now.

The event is hosted by the very funny Rob Paravonian, with stand-up by SNL's Colin Jost and WFMU's Dave Hill.  

Plus, I'll be in the audience. 


Oh, and I'll also be at THIS show on December 3rd at Nitehawk Cinema.


Stephen King hates laundry: a supercut

(NOTE: a version of this essay appeared as part of KEVIN GEEKS OUT a monthly video-variety show at Nitehawk Cinema; October's theme was Stephen King.) 

Like any prolific author, Stephen King has his recurring themes: psychic children, working writers, religious fanatics, even blue overalls. But there's also the laundry. 
Laundry shows up in the adaptations of IT, THE STAND, THE MANGLER, STAND BY ME, DOLORES CLAIBORNE, NEEDFUL THINGS and PET SEMETARY.  (See video below)

  Stephen King Hates Laundry from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.

In each instance laundry is associated with dread. There's more than just the mundane work of cleaning clothes -- it's seeing your working life stretched out in front of you or confronting something awful between the sheets. 

The use of spooky, ghostly laundry appears in other horror series, including HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th.

But the theme seems more personal for King. 

Historically speaking, there's something quaint about laundry lines instead of electric dryers. Clothespins belong to a yesteryear that King revisits in his stories. 

Practically, we see people taking down their laundry before the rain arrives. "A storm's a'comin!" Indeed.

Or maybe it's that the wash is being done by honest workin' folk. Good Maine residents with big back yahds for hangin' sheets. The starched white fabrics reflect their innocence or purity perhaps. 

But here's the big one: Stephen King worked at an industrial laundry and called it "the worst job he ever had." The author spent summers at the New Franklin laundry in the early 1970s. (Earning $1.60 an hour, $60 a week.) During his stint at the New Franklin King got for the idea for "The Mangler" (a short story in NIGHT SHIFT, later made into a film by Tobe Hooper.) 
The New Franklin Laundry, 125 Fern Street, Bangor Maine (no longer there)

King told Suspense Magazine:
"twice a week (in summer) we used to get the table linen from Testa's of Bar Harbor. Testa's is a famous seafood restaurant, where the elite meet. But the elite never saw those napkins and tablecloths after a hot summer day in the back of a laundry pick-up truck. They stank, which was bad, and they were squirming with maggots. But I washed em, and by God they came out clean."

Meanwhile at his home, King set up a typewriter on a desk in the laundry room. When he came home from a long day, his writing was literally closely associated with laundry. 

So when you watch these film and see people folding sheets and sorting socks, there's a deep-seated terror behind it: maybe if this writing thing doesn't work out, King will have to go back to working in laundry. 

Now here's a Weird Al song dedicated to our pal Stephen King:
Okay, you can't really see this building any more. (This is a 2011 photo from Google street view.) It was torn down to make way for new housing in 2012. But before it was, King worked for a stint at New Franklin Laundry, an industrial laundry in the city's "tree streets" neighborhood. He called it the worst job he ever had, but it did inspire King the writer. "The Mangler," a 1972 story that was turned into a movie in 1995, features a possessed press (Say that three times fast!) King imagined while working at the laundry.

Read More: 10 Places Every Stephen King Fan Must Stop While in Bangor, Maine | http://z1073.com/10-places-every-stephen-king-fan-must-stop-while-in-bangor/?trackback=tsmclip


This video appeared in KEVIN GEEKS OUT at Nitehawk Cinema. Details on the next show -- a Christmas special.


Blue Overalls in the works of Stephen King.




The next KGO show promises to "scare the hell outta you."

a Horror video variety show just days before Halloween

WHEN: Thursday October 29th, 9:30pm
WHERE: Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn

Click HERE for tickets. 

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT STEPHEN KING from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.

Covering 40 years of film and TV projects, with close readings of the famous and infamous Stephen King adaptations: the good, the bad, the good-bad and the bad-bad.

Special guests include:

  • Jenn Wexler (Producer, Glass Eye Pix) 
  • Ritch Duncan (author, The Werewolf’s Guide to Life) 
  • Carolyn Symons (writer, Susan Vaginahands: Attorney at Law) 
  • Matt Glasson (Editor, Filmmaker) 
  • Edwin Samuelson (DVD/Blu-ray Special Features producer)
  • Jon Abrams (Editor-in-Chief, Daily Grindhouse
Without giving too much away, here's some more details of what's in the show: 

A look at literary themes in Stephen King's IT. 

Compare and Contrast of the 3 adaptations of CARRIE. 

The Stephen King "Echo Chamber" 

5 Lessons from CREEPSHOW

Annie Wilkes: an appreciation

Why Kevin's Mom will never read another Stephen King book. 

The show will sell-out, so click HERE for advanced tickets. 


Let's Go Mets

I saw these on Facebook and had to put them together. 

First is a 1962 quote about the Mets from Jimmy Breslin. 

Second is a photo that says the same thing with fewer words. 



NOTE: Recently I was invited back to my alma mater to talk about working in the Entertainment Industry. 

This is the speech I was too chicken to give. 

Please enjoy and share with young people or anyone interested in learning more about film. 

*      *      * 

Good afternoon, Film Students. 

You know, if I had to choose between making an independent feature or killing a man, I would choose murder. Because the killing wouldn’t take 9 years of my life. Or a Kickstarter campaign. (Doing another Kickstarter campaign would kill me.)

Seriously though, my message to new college graduates is: if you have to choose between becoming a filmmaker or becoming a murderer, go with murder. Your parents will be relieved that you're not making a movie. Hate-based murder is something everyone understands. Especially married people.

If you want to become a murderer, you can just do it. From day one, you’re the boss. You don’t have to spend the first few years paying your dues, fetching coffee for more successful murderers who you don’t even like. You’re not required to stand on a corner asking people, “Could you walk on the other side of the street? We’re about to start murdering.”

Here’s another reason being a murderer is better than being a filmmaker: If you work hard planning and pulling off a really difficult murder, your friends won’t say “Hmm, it was just okay.” Your best friend would never tell you, “It was good, but… I would’ve have murdered that woman differently…”

When a murderer goes to a cocktail party people might treat him like a filmmaker, at first.  They’ll ask “But how do you make a living?”

Or they’ll just assume you’re a lousy murderer. “Well, I’ve never heard of any of your murders...”  

And the real assholes will give you advice about how to make it as a Murderer. “You should move to Detroit. That’s a big murder city.”  Oh, apparently there was a story on CBS Sunday Morning and now you’re an expert on my craft?!

But those people are being defensive. One, because they fear they are going to be murdered by you. And two, because you make them realize what a boring life they live.

Before the night is over, at least one drunk party-guest will pull you aside and admit, “You know I’ve always wanted to feel the rush that comes with committing a murder. But I’ve been so intimidated by the social norms and legal ramifications.”  In other words: everyone wishes they could be you.
Films schools say they encourage people to think outside the box. “Ohh this independent drama really says a lot about gender.”

Hey, serial killer Ed Gein murdered people while dressed up like a woman.  How’s that for subverting gender roles?

Aspiring movie-makers act like their job is something special. “Oh I’m following that new screenwriter on twitter, he’s really killing it.”

No, murderers – THEY are really killing it.
Indie filmmakers brag that they made a movie on a “shoe-string” budget.  But creative murderers have killed people with nothing more than a shoestring.

Filmmakers are always giving each other some bullshit awards. If there were a red carpet gala for murder, all the guests would be like, “Man, this carpet would be great for disposing of a murdered body.”

Thankfully, the mainstream media still treats murderers with respect. When someone in New York City is murdered, the newspapers describe it with fear and terror. You never get into the back of a taxi and hear Sandy Kenyon say, “Here’s a murder that was uninspired and condescending."

Because if he said that, Sandy Kenyon knows he’d get murdered.

I guess at the end of the day, some people just don’t have what it takes to be murderers, so they settle for filmmaking instead. 

* * *  

(Save time for Q&A. Answer several questions about living in New York vs. L.A.)


Two Killer Jokes


Next two KGO shows will be intense

The 5th annual show about the world's most entertaining spectacle. 

WHEN: Saturday, September 26th @ 8pm 
(doors at 7:30, with a custom pre-show video)

WHERE: Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING (2015) from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.

This year's show includes: 
  • a tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper 
  • My search for the world's worst wrestling movie
  • tWWEets
  • A retrospective on Dusty Rhodes
  • Trivia games (including one courtesy of The Big Quiz Thing)
  • and much more

With co-host Brian Solomon (author of the new book PRO WRESTLING FAQ
and special guests Mike "the Main Event" Edison
and Sixth Boro Saint Dennis Holden (host of Dennis Has a Podcast)

*Listen to Dennis' podcast with Kevin HERE (hear)

*   *   *

a Horror video variety show just days before Halloween

WHEN: Thursday October 29th, 9:30pm
WHERE: Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn

Click HERE for tickets.


Covering 40 years of film and TV projects, with close readings of the famous and infamous Stephen King adaptations: the good, the bad, the good-bad and the bad-bad.

Special guests include:

  • Jenn Wexler (Producer, Glass Eye Pix)
  • Ritch Duncan (author, The Werewolf’s Guide to Life)
  • Carolyn Symons (writer, Susan Vaginahands: Attorney at Law)
  • Matt Glasson (Editor, Filmmaker)
  • Edwin Samuelson (DVD/Blu-ray Special Features producer)
  • Jon Abrams (Editor-in-Chief, Daily Grindhouse)



The August 27th show at Nitehawk Cinema sold-out. 

I can't possibly do justice to the event, but here's photographic evident that it happened, along with a video. 

Don't miss the next show, KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE, Thursday September  17th at Nitehawk Cinema. Get tickets HERE

Kevin Maher with co-host TOM BLUNT.

 Lady Robot as Femme Fatale

A discussion on the lady robot as femme fatale asked the question: is the femme fatale a strong female character or a sexist stereotype. Later someone asked "Why can't it be both at the same time?" That's what we explore in Kevin Geeks Out. 

ROBOT AS FEMME FATALE: 8-minute cut of LOST IN SPACE from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.


2 Big Show in September

The Kevin Geeks Out show will feature not one but TWO excellent nights of pop culture celebration. 


A two hour video-variety show that looks at the end of the world as we know it. With great guest speakers, rare video clips, and a costume contest/post-apocalyptic fashion show. 

This one-night-only event is part of the Brooklyn Book Festival, so expect some intelligent literary discussion about HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN. 

guests include: Emily Asher-Perrin (Tor.com) Tenebrous Kate (Heretical Sexts), Peter Miller (the Post-Apocalypitc Book Club), Nathaniel Wharton (SportsAlcohol.com) and Matt Glasson (Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Sharks) 

Get tickets in advance HERE, since the show will sell out. 

Thursday September 17th @ 9:30pm
Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg
note: the venue has a full kitchen, you can eat/drink during the show. 

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.

* * * 

Second, it's the fourth annual KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING.

This multi-media tribute show looks at the world's most entertaining spectacle, with lots of odd video clips, a tribute to Roddy Piper, live commentary on a classic match, a roundtable discussion about wrestling's myths, rumors and legends and a trivia round. 

This event is co-hosted by Brian Solomon, author of the excellent book PRO WRESTLING F.A.Q. (Brian will be selling and signing copies of his book after the show.) 

Along with special guests: Mike "the Main Event" Edison, The 6th Boro Saint Dennis Holden, and Parts Uknown resident Brandon Rohwer. Plus: a surprise guest (to be announced.)  

Get advanced tickets HERE, you choose your seat. 

Saturday September 26th @ 8:00pm 
(doors at 7:30 for a special video pre-show) 
at The Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers
note: this venue has a full kitchen, you can eat and drink during the event. 

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING (2015) from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.


Kevin Geeks Out About LADY ROBOTS

The August KEVIN GEEKS OUT show is all about Lady Robots: a virtual parade of female robots from the last 100 years of science fiction, featuring Frisky Fembots of the 1960s, Cyber-clones of the ‘20s, Killer Androids of the ‘80s and much more.

This show spotlights ass-kicking killbots and seductive replicants, plus electric grandmothers and feminist revolutionaries. Kevin and guests explore the question: what does a wholly manufactured woman want, and what will she do to get it?

with Co-Host Tom Blunt and special guests: 

Cici James (owner of Singularity & Co. sci-fi bookstore) 

Moon Ribas (co-founder, The Cyborg Foundation)

Seth Porges (technology writer/editor) 

Jenn Northington (co-founder, Bookrageous)

and more

Watch the trailer here:

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT LADY ROBOTS from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.


Kevin Geeks Out About Lady Robots
Thursday August 27th @ 9:30pm

at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg Brooklyn
buy tickets HERE


Kevin Geeks Out About Super Villains

Time for the next installment of KEVIN GEEKS OUT. This month's show is all about SUPER VILLAINS. 

A story is only as good as its villain, so comedian Kevin Maher takes an obsessive look at some of the best and worst super villains. This two-hour multi-media show includes a virtual parade of power-mad perverts, bald villains, cartoon criminals, Satanic weirdoes, wrestling heels and more.

Kevin is joined by co-host Tenebrous Kate (creator of My Dream Date with a Villain) and a diabolical line-up of special guests, including 
• Illustrator Becky Munich (“Monster Activity Book”) 
• Writer Nick Nadel (truTV, IFC.com),  
• Doctor Maureen Mararese 
• Filmmaker Paul Murphy (Red Obsession)
• Professor Geoff Klock (“The Future of Comics, The Future of Men”) 

All this, plus trivia prizes, lame super-villains and even some V.I.L.F.s

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT SUPERVILLAINS from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.
KEVIN GEEKS OUT is a video variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher – a confabulation of obscure film clips, offbeat commentary, guest experts, games and curiosities. To geek out with Kevin you don’t have to be a geek, just a pop culture-adventurer.


New York Times coverage of KEVIN GEEKS OUT


Edgar Allen Poe's THE RAVEN: Lego playset

"Feast your eyes on this" my 7-year-old told me and revealed his latest masterpiece: a Lego playset based on Edgar Allen Poe's THE RAVEN. 

My kid first got into Poe via YouTube's Epic Rap Battles of History (there's a video where Stephen King faces off with Poe.) 

After his interest in the macabre author, my wife read him the famous poem (and showed him the drawings in Gahan Wilson's Classics Illustrated adaptation from the '90s.) 

He soon realized it was the same poem the Simpsons dramatized in the very first Treehouse of Horror. And he's been watching it over and over, wishing there was a Lego playset. So he build his own. 

Since then he's devised a plan for the annual storybook parade. (Public Schools in Brooklyn have replaced the Halloween parade with a more literary "storybook character parade" where students dress up as literary figures and bring in the book. Naturally most kids will dress up as Iron Man or Spider-Man and bring in a paperback novelization. Not even a comic book, but a chapter-book tie-in!) But my kid has already decided he's going as THE RAVEN. 

"And all day, whenever a teacher asks me anything I'll just say `Nevermore!'" 

Come back on November 1st to get the update. 

*** Somewhat related *** 

This is the same 7-year-old who pitched a sequel to THE SHINING

For more famous macabre animals, come see KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT ANIMAL ATTACKS at the Nitehawk Movie Theater this month. 

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT ANIMAL ATTACKS from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.


Kevin Geeks Out returns to Brooklyn, teams up with Nitehawk Cinema

Starting this June, we're bringing the KEVIN GEEKS OUT show back to Brooklyn for an extended run at NITEHAWK CINEMA in Williamsburg. 

The series begins Thursday June 25th with KEVIN GEEKS OUT about ANIMAL ATTACKS, keeping with the KGO tradition there will be dozens of film clips presented by special guests. (Order tickets in advance HERE, the show will sell-out.)

KGO shows continue once a month, with a different theme each month. 

You can save the summer dates: 

Thursday July 30th @ 9:30
Thursday August 27th @ 9:30
Thursday September 17th @ 9:30

(come back here in July to see the topics for each show.) 


A two-hour video variety show of rare footage and pop culture commentary.

Comedian Kevin Maher presents an obsessive look at the Animal Attack genre: from recent CGI beasts to the nature-gone-wrong films of the Drive-In era. This two-hour multi-media show includes dozens of film clips featuring crazed cats, angry bears, giant spiders, Freudian snakes, killer cockroaches, a racist dog and much more. With special guest presentations by Jon Abrams (Editor-in-Chief, Daily Grindhouse), Wendy Mays (creator of SPACE CAT) Matt Glasson (filmmaker/editor/co-host, Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Zombies) and Tom Blunt (film blogger and variety show host)  

Plus Kevin hand-picked some of his favorite scenes from the genre, including: the most pretentious animal incident, best gratuitous animal attack, and cinema’s fakest reptile (hint: it’s not DinoCroc.)


Since 2011, Nitehawk Cinema has been one of New York's best movie theaters, offering an eclectic mix of first-run films, revival screenings and special events. It's a great theater for movie-lovers, date night, or even a brunch screening. 

Nitehawk includes a full-service restaurant, so you can get food served during the movie, as well as snacks and beverages from the bar. There's also a bar and cafe, to get food and drinks before or after your screening. 

Guests are advised to arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime to get settled, meet their server, place their order and enjoy the custom pre-show. Seating is first come, first serve. 

For more about the theater, just click HERE.


KEVIN GEEKS OUT is a video variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher – a confabulation of obscure film clips, offbeat commentary, guest experts, games and curiosities.  To geek out with Kevin you don’t have to be a geek, just a pop culture-adventurer.
To date, Kevin has geeked out with over 30 different installments of his variety night, dedicating a full evening to a specific topic, such as Bigfoot! – Robots! – Zombies! – KISS! – Wrestling! – Batman! – and Visions of the Future! His show has been a critics’ pick in The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, Gothamist … and what other comedy show can you name that’s been featured in Scientific American? 

Previous guests include writers from The Daily Show, award-winning cartoonists, scientists, comic book writers, film scholars, screenwriters, novelists, bloggers, a clown, a psychic and Santa Claus.

Join Kevin each month as he and his special guests share rare footage, sharp observations and funny takes on the tropes, themes and recurring images that occupy our minds.

“Kevin Maher is a shining example of truly independent humor and spirit. Not only that, but he's actually funny!” 
- Lloyd Kaufman, President, Troma Entertainment, and creator of the Toxic Avenger

Follow Kevin Geeks Out on Facebook and twitter