Time Travel Movie Guide

We round of some time-travel movies that are worth watchng and worth skipping.

Also -- I have to give a shout-out to two TV shows: One of the most moving stories from "The Twilight Zone" is "Walking Distance." The episode is rumored to be Rod Serling's favorite, it's about a burnt-out ad-man who longs for the simple pleasures of his childhood.

An awful TV entry was "Fonz & the Happy Days Gang" -- a 1980 cartoon in which Fonz, Ritchie and Ralph Malph accompany a sexy alien named Cupcake as they travel through history. Also don't forget The Fonz's dog, Mr. Cool. And did I mention it was narrated by Wolfman Jack? This show was one-half of an hour-long block on ABC adapting hit sitcoms. it was coupled with a show about Laverne & Shirley in the army where they were beated by a pig drill sergeant (voiced by Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter.)

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