Fly Fun Facts

Here's some fascinating facts about David Cronenberg's 1986 masterpiece, THE FLY. I watched it again and aside from Jeff Goldblum's GIGANTIC CORDLESS PHONE, the movie isn't dated at all. Today it would be all CGI, which would be less disturbing.

Also: Much the way The Fly was edited after test screenings, I had to cut a gross scene from my video. The deleted gag will appear on YouTube soon. (I promise)

2 facts that didn't make it into the "5 fun facts" -- Tim Burton almost directed the film. Michael Keaton almost starred (supposedly he didn't want to act under all the prosthetics.) Those two would eventually get to work with Geena Davis in Beetlejuice.

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Matt Smith said...

I think you should work on lyrics to a song, "Pretty White for a Fly Guy."