The Barbarella and other Sci-Fi Cocktails

Here's a fun episode we taped at MARS 2112, with special guests St. John Frizell and Miss Saturn.

I discovered a ton of science-fiction inspired cocktails. I hope to one day publish them as a book (ironic for a guy who doesn't drink.)

Surprisingly, no one's invented a BUCKAROO BANZAI cocktail. It seems like the perfect name for a powerful drink. The gauntlet has been thrown down -- I urge all you amateur mixologists to leave a recipe in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Dagnabbit -- I'm looking for a Buckaroo Banzai cocktail for a BB livetweet event happening Thursday. I'm terribly disappointed.

Kevin Maher said...

for Marya:

1.5 oz Wild Turkey
0.5 oz Plum Wine

Anonymous said...

Sci-fi cocktails sounds like something from space or paranormal. It sounds like freak cocktail scaring around. God bless cocktails.