Old People News

Old People News

Here's my new web-show, produced for Atom.com and Comedy Central.

OLD PEOPLE NEWS stars a talented cast, including Arhur Anderson, the last surviving member of Orson Welles' Mercury Players.

The video has already won a major award -- it was the audience favorite at the Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival.


Deb Rabbai said...

Great job, Kevin! Funny stuff.

Brushwood said...

Many giggles. And the information on peroxide was truly interesting - am I old?

terry said...

We need more OPN updates...This should be a regular series!

Ormon said...

Oh my god if it wasn't so painfully close to the truth..........I could enjoy this more. But right now I have to go and help my mom figure out how to play a quicktime movie I emailed her on her computer.