February’s SCI FI SCREENING ROOM is a celebration of movies inspired by video games. Featuring cartoons based on arcade classics, vintage commercials, fan films, and other gimmicky media that tried to cash-in on America’s Pac-Man Fever.

Live Chiptune music.
Video-Game Haikus.
Footage from THE LAST STARFIGHTER musical.
Plus special surprises and trivia prizes.

The evening will include a mini-video-game tournament (just like in THE WIZARD).

Co-Host Will Carlough will show a video-tape of his world-record-breaking game of ICE CLIMBER. And we'll screen an official video on Secret video Game Tricks, Codes and Strategies.

After the show we’ll go to Criff Dogs for some RC Cola and Spy Hunter.

The Sci Fi Screening Room
Monday, February 9the @ 9 PM
UNDER St. Mark’s
94 St. Mark’s Place (betw 1st Ave and Avenue A)


Dano said...

Here's that Journey game I was telling you about!


Vidiot said...

Cloak and Dagger!

oh, and you may like this.

Zohar said...

Last night was awesome!

the skint said...

So bummed that I missed this! Please have another one!

Atul said...

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