It's a bird...

it's a plane...

it's... SUPERHERO Night!

Yes, from the people who brought you HULK Night and KISS Night comes the ultimate video cavalcade of off-beat Superhero clips.

Featuring stuff you won't find on TV, YouTube or Hulu... including scenes from The 1979 cartoon show FRED & BARNEY MEET THE THING.

...scenes from The Spirit TV movie

...and a view-master reel of Superman Vs. The Computer Crook.

Special guests include James Dean Conklin, the animator of WONDERMAN (TV Funhouse)
Professor Geoff Klock (who contribued to MOMA's Superhero fashion book)
Matthew K. Manning (writer for DC's Batman Strikes)
M. Sweeney Lawless (curator of BIGFOOT Night)
Jay Stern (producer of FRANKENSTEIN Night)
Craig Wichman (who played Batman in BATMAN Night's Fan Fiction)

and co-host Nick Nadel (from the AMC super-hero blog)

It all happens this Wednesday, March 18th @ 7 PM.

UNDER St. Mark's
94 St. Mark's Place (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)

Tickets are $7 (admission includes a Hostess Fruit Pie)

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Jonathan said...

Hey Kevin, I just stumbled on this yesterday and you're naturally the first (well, only) person I thought to tell about it. It's an unaired 2001 pilot for a satirical remake of Sid & Marty Krofft's beloved Electra Woman and Dyna Girl:


And here's the big surprise: It's funny, and the show totally works. Or would have.