REVISED Screening Schedule

Due to an oversight, The BEST OF The Sci Fi Screening Room
was scheduled on the first night of Passover.

For our Jewish friends observing the holiday (and our friends who are die-hard fans of GARY, UNMARRIED) we will instead move the BEST OF show to June.

So here's the revised SCREENING SCHEDULE:

Wednesday, April 8th @ 9:00 PM - GRAB BAG Show!
A collection of outrageous clips presented by friends, filmmakers and other nerds. The night the audience will be given a pair of choices and then vote on which video they want to see. Clips will include evil trucks, giant bugs, deleted scenes and monologues where scientists deliver lengthy explanations of improbable happenings. Plus, I'll be sharing my favorite science-fiction parody from SCTV.

Wednesday, May 20th @ 7 PM - ROBOT Night!
Just in time for Terminator-mania, we've got an evening of killer cyborgs, lustful androids, wisecracking robots, and a collection of clips where Robots Fight Apes. Co-hosted by Victor Varnado
(director of ROBOT SUPREMO)

This greatest hits show will be even better because it'll feature the best bits from Robot Night and the Grab-Bag Show. Cult classics, weird-cartoons, and other oddities that must be seen to be believed. (for more details click here)

All shows will be seen at UNDER St. Mark's
94 St. Mark's Place (between 1st Ave and Avenue A)

As always we'll offer trivia, prizes, cheap beer and free snacks.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the show.


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