Bonus material from ROBOT Night!

Thanks to everybody who was part of last week's ROBOT Night!

We had a helluva turnout, enthusiastic geeks from all walks of life -- plus special appearances by Vlad Tsepis (host of TV's
Ghoul a Go Go), Professor Tom Henning, a game of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and a Roomba.

Here’s some bonus material that didn’t appear during the show.

Trailer for the Andy Kaufman robot love story Heartbeeps

NOTE: HBO is showing Heartbeeps this month.

Robot Belt Buckles styled after The Phantom Creeps.

1978 cartoon, The Robonic Stooges

Here’s a clip of TV’s SMALL WONDER, where
V.I.C.K.I. beats up a drug pusher (note: skip ahead to 9:09 for the comedic violence.

John Lovitz and Phil Hartman discuss the URKLEBOT (skip to 1:44 - 3:10)

At last, your very own binary code translator

Asimo Falls Down

The makers of ROOMBA also produce militaristic warrior robots.

An article on soldiers and military robots .

A video about how robots will one day “Take care of us” one way or another.

From the gang at Overthinkingit.com comes this surprising Terminator Ballad

An old favorite, the music video for James Kochala’s “Monkey Vs. Robot”.

And a cut-down we featured at the show: The Harlem Globetrotters Vs. The New Invincibles.

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