Kevin Geeks Out About SHARKS

Save the Date:  Friday March 19 @ 8pm


Kevin Maher and co-host Matthew Glasson look at the history of JAWS rip-offs, from the Golden Age of Shark Cinema, the Silver Age of Sanctioned Sequels and the Bronze Age of Documentaries and CGI Sharks.  Plus the adult-movie inspired by JAWS, the National Lampoon parody that never was (with a script by John Hughes), and incredible shark scenes with zombies, superheroes, Jackie Chan, Burt Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, the Olsen Twins and the Harlem Globetrotters. 

Special guest Karen Sneider (The New Yorker) shares a shark comic strip.  
Comedian Ritch Duncan addresses a plot hole in the JAWS quadrilogy. 
And Sara Reiss will serve Shark Cupcakes. 

This show WILL sell-out.  Buy tickets in advance here.

Kevin Geeks Out About Sharks 
Friday March 19, 2010
at the 92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street
New York City

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the show last night, Kevin! Thanks as always for arranging it.

Thought you might enjoy a review, of sorts, of the Paleoworld series.

The main problem with Paleoworld is that there's no warning when it goes to commercial, and the voiceover announcer for the show sounds just like the voiceover announcer in the commercials. So you hear things like this. "But the story of Troodon does not end here. It launches us from the dinosaur age to the space age. The latest Mars Orbiter is about to arrive!" And "Troodon was a dinosaur with incomparable brainpower. All of us have internal plumbing. But sometimes our pipes doesn't work as well as they should."