Save the Date: Sunday October 9th


You're invited to this one-time-only comedy-variety show where erotica meets neurotica, where the obscene meets the obscure, it's comedy for geeks, by geeks, it's.... Sexy Nerds and Dirty Words.  

Host KEVIN MAHER (from the long-running series Kevin Geeks Out) presents a line-up of performers guaranteed to delight nerds of all ages. 

Burlesque Performer IRIS EXPLOSION performs a racy dance designed especially for video-game fans. 

Internet super-star MARK DOUGLAS (The Key of Awesome) delivers some R-rated geeky comedy.

Author MIKE EDISON reads from his new book, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!, chronicling the history of America's greatest girlie magazines.

M. SWEENEY LAWLESS uncovers a secret conspiracy in comic book covers.

Performance Poet JARED SINGER shares some "Spoken Nerd" poetry.

Plus a game of GEEK BINGO will help determine who's the biggest geek in the audience. 

Plus: Dramatic reading of fan fiction, un-censored tweets and a special video-taping for a segment that will be screened at New York Comic Con. 

UNDER St Marks, 94 St Marks Place (between 1st Ave and Avenue A) 
Sunday October 9th @ 7:00pm
Just five bucks

*      *      * 

About Kevin Maher (producer/host) 

Kevin Maher is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer whose work has appeared on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and HBO.  He hosted AMC’s THE SCI FI DEPARTMENT (short-listed for a Webby Award) and created the viral Comedy Central web series “Old People News” and “Puppet Rodeo.”
Since 2008, Kevin has geeked out with 24 different installments of his video variety night KEVIN GEEKS OUT, filling those gaps in your education about Bigfoot! – Robots! – Video Games! – Werewolves! – KISS! – Batman! – and Sharks! His shows have been critics’ picks in the Village Voice, Time Out New York, Gothamist, The New York Times’ “Urban Eye”...and what other comedy show can you name that’s been featured in Scientific American Online?

Kevin’s been tapped to host doublewide media’s upcoming television series RANDOM FANDOM, exploring the fan conventions and fanatic cultures for Harry Potter, Steampunk, Star Trek, Big Lebowski and more.

On a dare, Kevin once wrote 100 haiku about BATMAN.

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