R.I.P. Jerry Robinson

Artist Jerry Robinson created The Joker.  Even though Mr. Robinson is no longer with us, his creation will live on in comic books, graphic novels, blockbuster movies, Big Gulp cups, Converse All Star Hi Joker Batman Athletic Shoes, childrens' bedsheets, action figures, Mark Hamill voice recordings, Pez dispensers, Christmas ornaments, novelty records, fake vintage T-shirts, carnival game knock-off plushies, bobbleheads, queer fan fiction, illegally downloaded TV shows, Japanese collectibles, questionable tattoos, Simpsons' references, un-funny political cartoons, well-intentioned youtube tribute videos, cereal bowls, shot glasses, overpriced posters, Fisher Price playhouses, back-to-school supplies, college thesis papers by nerds, kids' Halloween costumes and the unreleased (but written) obituaries for Jack Nicholson, Alan Moore and Frank Miller.

Here's R. Sikoryak's recent illustration of Robinson (this first appeared in The New Yorker)

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