A's for APOCALYPSE: #7 in a series of pop culture primers

In honor of this Saturday's NY Comic Con show POST-APOCALYPSE NOW! I wrote a poem about post-apocalyptic fiction. Click here for event details. 

A's for APOCALYPSE with mushroom clouds

B is for the BOY, he makes the man proud

C is for COMETS that bring on the end

D is for the DOG, a boy's bestest friend

E's Book of ELI, the Bible's last chance

F is for FROGTOWN (and I don't mean France)

G is for GUNLOK, grab your controller

H is HUMUNGOUS, King Rock n' Rolla

I's I AM LEGEND, adapted three times

J is LA JETTE - subtitled, sublime

K is for KATNISS, brave but bullheaded

L is the LANDMASTER, runs on unleaded

M is for MILLA, fights mutated mutts

N's NIGHT OF THE COMET, those girls kick butt

O is for OOKLA, with Thundarr he rides

P is the POSTMAN, poor Kevin, he tried

Q is for QUINTET, snowy apocalypse

R's for THE RAPTURE, "bye-bye agnostics"

S is for SOYLENT foods filled with protein

T's TERMINATOR, a killing machine

U is the UNDEAD, they're rotting and pissed

V is for VAMPIRES hunting Will Smith

W's WALL-E, wasteland shenanigans

X is for XEXYZ, shoot robo-aliens!

Y is for YORICK, last man and last monkey

Z is for ZARDOZ, bring on the mankini!


A is for ALIEN (horror movies A-Z) 

A is for ANAKIN (sci-fi movies A-Z) 

A is for AUTOMAN (sci-fi television A-Z)

A is for ANTHRAX (heavy metal A-Z) 

A is for AEON  (animation A-Z)

A is for ANDRE (pro wrestling A-Z)


's the post-apocalyptic themed-videos I made for AMC. Click HERE

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