Celebrate Shark Week with Kevin Maher and Matt Glasson

Just in time for Shark Week -- Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Shark Movies returns to Brooklyn.  We're bringing the show to Videology

Click HERE for details and tickets. 


Thursday August 8th @ 8:00pm

308 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 

Kevin and Matt Geek Out about SHARK MOVIES! is an obsessive look at dozens of classic (and some not-so-classic) movies from JAWS toSHARKNADO and almost everything in between. The hosts revisit the all-but-forgotten pre-JAWS films (dating back to the 1930’s). They sink their teeth into JAWSPLOITATION knock-offs, the sanctioned sequels, cable-TV documentaries and more contemporary CGI killer shark movies. Kevin and Matt also dissect the films that tried to be the next big blockbuster by substituting a Great White with a giant alligator, a man-eating octopus or a killer grizzly bear. Plus they showcase jaw-dropping clips from films that feature gratuitous shark scenes in non-Shark movies. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Shark geek-out without looking back at the hit TV show that literally jumped the shark.

Kevin and Matt were special guests at Martha’s Vineyard for JAWSFEST 2012. They’ve also presented their shark show at Boston’s Geek Week Comedy Festival, The Brooklyn Observatory and the 92Y Tribeca.

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