Flat Stan Lee Goes to FUNSPOT

A trip to FUNSPOT -- the biggest arcade in the entire world! 

Whoops - I spent the entire game with my left turn signal on. 

Best video game based on a play by William Shakespeare. 

Could it be? A true super-villain inside Funspot 
trying to reclaim his Donkey Kong record??

 I love a cash-grab as much as the next millionaire, but Domino's was as greedy as Galactus. 

 Just call me MISTER DO! 

Go Marius, go! 
 In 1983 they had completely run out of game-ideas. 

This game should not be as hard as it is. 

 Damn, I'd wanted to play the game with Tracy the Gorilla.

 People tell me I look like Hef. (When I wear my Captain's hat, they do.)

 Is it just me or do you find Ms. Pac-Man strangely attractive? 

Here I am, about to rescue this princess 
from a giant bowl of clam chowder.

What's this? An arcade game based on my climb 
to the top of the funny-books industry?

 Of course your old pal Stan doesn't know anything about losing subscribers. 

 I've been a fan ever since I watched Hanna-Barbera's SUPER GLOBETROTTERS. 

Lick it up, True Believers! 

Now this is more my speed. Excelsior! 

Not to be confused with Donkey Kong.

First computers needed analysts, now robots are bowling. 

 We used to put gorillas on the covers to sell comics. 
I guess it worked here with Donkey Kong. 

The world's biggest pinball machine 
in the world's biggest arcade 
with the world's biggest comic book creator. 

As a professional writer I can tell you, 
these are some excellent character names. 

Burgertime! Though I prefer HULK BURGERS, 
(which is what they call burgers at Comic Con)

I hate it when a beloved children's property sells-out.


Again with the Regans.

Move over Howard Stern, 
Flat Stan Lee is the King of All Media.

The least popular game in the whole arcade. 

Nerd Alert! 

Thanks for a great day of gaming, Fun Spot truly is a FUN SPOT!

*    *    * 

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