TOP 3 - a podcast favorite

Bruce Campbell says "Movies that are easy to make are hard to watch."

Maybe so, but this is the most fun I've had taping a podcast AND it's damn good listening.

Comedian/long-time friend Liam McEneaney hosts a conversation with TV's Frank (Frank Conniff of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame), Musician Cat Popper and me.

Listen to the episode HERE

Liam's regular podcast, titled TELL YOUR FRIENDS, is a mix of interviews and comedy and storytelling. The concept of TOP 3 is simple: Liam and his guests name their top 3 favorites in a given area.

Topics include Top 3 Favorite Stephen King works (Non-Novels)

Top 3 Science-Fiction TV shows

Top 3 Bassists

Plus some nice tangents about houseboat owners in New York City and a personal anecdote about Duke Ellington. 

Listen to it all right HERE



If you like this format, catch up and hear the previous two "TOP 3" editions of TELL YOUR FRIENDS podcast, where we cover everything from Top 3 comedy writers, Top 3 TV shows (pre-1980), Top 3 comedy teams, and much more. 

Listen to the first time we did a TOP 3

and then catch up with the second time we did it

Liam's recording is his next album on Sunday January 10th (2016) at the Bell House in Brooklyn. 

Here's a link for tickets. (Just 8 bucks if you order now.

The event is hosted by the very funny Rob Paravonian, with stand-up by SNL's Colin Jost and WFMU's Dave Hill.  

Plus, I'll be in the audience. 


Oh, and I'll also be at THIS show on December 3rd at Nitehawk Cinema.