Faces of Dummy Deaths: a fun photo quiz

Don't forget, this Friday at 8, it's KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT DUMMY DEATHS!

To get you suitably excited, here's photo quiz called
(Always polite when asking friends to identify simulations of graphic violence.)

The first person to name these films wins TWO FREE TICKETS to this Friday's show.

HINT: This expensive dummy is supposed to look like the star of the 1993 film, which was based on an old TV show.

HINT: You've probably never seen this movie. But you will see this scene if you come to KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT DUMMY DEATHS. Also, it rhymes with "Clatter"

HINT: It's a foreign film. Shot in black and white. And the title is "Intentions of a Murder"

HINT: Another foreign film, this one's from Italy, where audiences flock to see movies where priests are thrown off the top of a mountain.

HINT: It's from one of the DEATH WISH sequels.

HINT: This is not a dummy-death, but a fun photo none-the-less. Hitchcock used a dummy as his own stand-in for his cameo. And being a clever guy, he probably found other uses for the dummy, like propping it in the bushes outside of Tippi Hedren's home.

Post your answers/guesses in the comments section. (Or email them to inagaddadakevin@yahoo.com)

If you know you don't know, but want to see the show, go here to buy tickets in advance (no service fee!)

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