BATMAN Pancakes

This morning I had a dream that I made my kids some Batman pancakes. When I woke up, you can imagine my disappoinment that it was just a dream. (And I can imagine your disappointment in my dream-life. Get over it. I married my dream girl, so now I have to fantasize about delighting my sons with novelty superhero breakfasts.)

When I googled the phrase BATMAN PANCAKES I hoped to find an inexpensive kitchen tool, like a cookie-cutter in the shape of the Bat-logo, but for a griddle. (I've seen the same thing with making eggs in the shape of handguns.) But instead, I came across this online diary about a transgendered college student - and while the headline is about "homosexual non-demoninational batman pancakes", it's not a queer reading about Batman and Robin. As a matter of fact there's no mention of the Caped Crusader outside of the attention-grabbing headline.

For now my quest continues to find the easy pancake maker that strikes fear in the heart of criminals.

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Save the Date: 2/24/10

And finally:

we should note that The Coen Brothers did let character actor Peter Stormare get his pancakes two years later in The Big Lebowski when the German Nihilists eat at Dinah's Original Pancake & Chicken House.

Lastly: Stormare played Dracula in the 2005 movie The Batman Vs. Dracula. It always comes back to Batman.


санжог said...

that's really funny,

It's because the website people just use keywords, and no matter whose name you type you'd end up on exactly what you did'nt want.

i want people to search with these key words flalal doeesas vaomoe...gibberish, can you imagine these words would come on the top search list and those websites will follow the suit.

i am reading the rest of your blog so ta da

Sorcerer said...

lol!! that writeup..was superb..

sometimes search engine throws up results that could well be defined as a practical joke!

Mr. Nosuch said...

The permalink to the Natalie Dee shirt should be http://www.nosuch.org/2008/02/23/shirts/

Sad that those aren't available. I will forever treasure the ones I have.