Cute Kids urge you to support my Kickstarter Campaign for ANDREW 12-SIDED DICE CLAY

We've reached the point in my fundraising campaign where I'm exploiting my children to raise money.  (But it's okay, it's for a good cause.)

In this new video, I explain HOW KICKSTARTER WORKS -- it's so easy even these adorable children understand it.  (More or less.)

Kickstarter fundraisers are ALL OR NOTHIN'.  If I don't reach my fundraising goal, I won't receive anything and these past few weeks will have been wasted.

Just writing that makes me feel ill.  So please PLEDGE TODAY.

If I do reach my goal, you'll be funding my dream project!  You're so cool, that way.

And watch the full-trailer below:

Donate here

Thanks in advance!



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1 comment:

Christopher Sears said...

Congratulations on getting your project funded. Who can say no to cute children.