Live from Comic Con: Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay

Last month I was invited to New York Comic Con, New York's biggest event for comic books, gaming, animation, science-fiction and fantasy.  For four days, the Javits Center is over-run with fans of every type.

I was asked to participate in a panel on "geek humor."

When I spoke with event organizer (GeekChicNYC's Mike Singer), I mentioned that there's a video I wish I could show.

What I meant was, "I have a funny video idea, Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay.  I wish I'd made it."

He thought I meant, "Please allow me to show my video, which exists."

Mike said, "Let's show it!" not realizing that the video did not exist.

So I quickly thew together a variety show, where I could videotape the 12-Sided Diceman before an audience.   (Click HERE to see Matthew Glasson's photos from that show, SEXY NERDS & DIRTY WORDS)

The live-show was just days before Comic Con.  My trusted editor Eric Hendricks took on the job and we cut together the winning 3-minute trailer.

Here's the finished trailer:

The video played beautifully -- some jokes weren't heard because the audience was laughing so hard.  Now I want to make this as a web-series, to follow the adventures of Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay.  (You can make that dream come true by pledging a contribution HERE)

Here are some photos from the NY Comic Con panel:
(L to R: Elliott Kalan, Kevin Maher, Susie Felber, Stephen Wacker, Jessi Klein)

photo by Chelsea Smith, doublewide media
Q&A, photo by Susie Felber

Here we are watching the trailer:

photo by Chelsea Smith, doublewide media

Here's my update from Comic Con:

And here's where you come in.

This web-series needs grassroots support or it won't get made.

Please go here and pledge what you can.

Repost the trailer, retweet this blog post.  Email it to your friends who'd like such nerdy/dirty comedy.  No corporate sponsor is going to get on board with this project.

Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING: If I don't meet my goal, you won't be charged and I won't get any money.  But if I do meet my goal, you'll be supporting a dream project.

I'm counting on YOU to help me make the dream come true.  Thanks for your love.



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