Imaginary conversations about DUNE and THE DOORS

I just learned that in 1983 both Kyle McLachlan and Val Kilmer were up for the lead role of Paul Atredies in David Lynch's movie of DUNE.

And seven years later both Val Kilmer and Kyle McLachlan were both cast in the movie THE DOORS.

So that means at some point the following conversation took place on set.

OLIVER STONE: Val, this is your co-star Kyle McLachlan, he’s playing Ray Manzerick.

VAL: Hey Kyle, we met a few years ago when we were both up for that David Lynch movie. I never saw it, how was it?

KYLE: It was… okay. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but work’s work. Hey, nice wig! 

*  *  *

And then making The Doors they had to shoot scenes where Jim Morrison takes the band out to the desert, where conversations like this must've taken place: 

VAL: Hey Kyle. This is just like in DUNE, right.

The other guys were like “Oh, I forgot you were in DUNE."  "That’s hilarious.” etc. 

KYLE: It’s no big deal, really. 

FRANK WHALEY: Do the line about how the sleeper must awaken.

KYLE: I’m trying to get in character, guys, Ray Manzerick would never say that, you know?

KEVIN DILLON: (teasing) Don’t be afraid, Kyle.  Fear is the mind-killer.

(high fives Val Kilmer) 

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Christopher Sears said...

Right now, Val Kilmer isn't in any position to mock anybody's career trajectory.