Pop Culture Blogger of the Year (my acceptance speech)

If I win the “Pop Culture Blogger of the Year” Award (and if such an award exists), I already have my acceptance speech written:

Thank you.  This award isn’t just for me, but for all the dedicated men, women and men-children who keep your pop culture blogs fresh.
I share this award with anyone who’s had to excuse themselves from a dinner-date to step into the bathroom and promote a link that just went live.
To anyone who’s used a celebrity’s death to promote something written 8 months ago. 
To people who’ve been forced to “review” a movie that hasn’t come out yet, or recap a reality show they didn’t see.
This award is dedicated to anyone who’s worked for a blog whose title includes some combination of the words: Buzz, Guy, Pop, Geek, Celeb, Burger, Crazy, Hollywood, X, Cuts, Film, or the suffix “--licious."
To the people who think they’re the first to make a video go viral.
To everyone who spends more time tracking down their overdue paychecks than they do researching an article.
To the writers whose editors tell them “300 words is too long.”
I want to thanks anybody who met a deadline while seated next to an emotional train-wreck at Starbucks.
I share this award with people who ask their Facebook friends to contribute to a list piece, then 2 days later encourage those same friends to read the finished article.
To anyone who’s used a pseudonym to go into the comments section and defend your work against the ugly, hateful, small-minded gorillas who visit your website.
Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to remind every website I’ve ever worked for: you still owe me outstanding payments.

Kevin Maher is a writer-producer with impressive resume credits. (But that's because his resume doesn't include gigs like The Daily Dirt, Celebraddiction, The Horror Hacker, Hollywood Update, Star Vs Star, and Bravo's "Great Things About the Holidays.") 

Visit his website for the good credits, sample writing and videos. 

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