This summer I did two performances of KEVIN & MATT GEEK OUT ABOUT SHARK MOVIES:  One show at the Brooklyn Observatory and another at JAWSFEST in Martha's Vineyard. 

Here are some photos from the events: (including winners of our JAWS 2 COLORING BOOK Contest

Also, here's New York Magazine's piece on JAWSFEST including a chat with Matt. 

Patti's winning page combines marker and crayon.  She won passes to the New York Aquarium

Here's a drawing that made Chief Brody into a 70's fashion plate. 

Dan McCoy added another legendary character to the page.

We are all winners!

The Old Whaling Church -- where I moderated a panel with screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, production designer Joe Alves, actor Susan Backlinie ("Chrissie Watkins") and actor Jeffrey Kramer (Deputy Len "Lenny" Hendricks)

I wish there'd been a fourth and we could be "Quintuplets"

But the main event was "Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Shark Movies" a special show during Shark After Dark at Flatbread Pizzeria. 

Matt played the JAWS or JAWS 2 game. 

We talked about the shark scene in the Get Smart movie "The Nude Bomb"...

JAWS-inspired comic book issues... 

The most famous shark cameo...

The audience had to pick one face-off: Shark vs Gorilla (in the movie A*P*E) Shark vs. undead (in the  movie ZOMBIE) or shark vs basketball team (in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.) 
When asked to pick one clip, the audience demanded ALL THREE! 

Matt looks more examples of JAWS parodies, introducing Spielberg's self-parody with the opening sequence of 1941 (featuring Susan Backlinie)

And the next day he met up with Susan Backlinie. 

Then he ran into SFX Wizard Greg Nicotero, who'd seen our show and loved our show. 
Incidentally I'd just seen Greg's short film THE UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY 
during Blobfest (you can watch the short here

Flat Stan Lee visits a gift shop. 

Flat Stan Lee on the ferry.

Flat Stan Lee isn't closing the beaches! 

It's a tiger shark.  A Whuuut?

Thanks for a great show y'all.  I hope we can do it again real soon. 

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