Upcoming Show - Friday 1/18

I've been a longtime fan of the NERD NITE lecture series, so I'm excited to finally appear at one. 

Nerd Nite
Friday January 18th
9:15pm (doors at 9pm) 

                  . . . . . 
Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street, Brooklyn
A/C train to High Street or 

F-train to York Street
        ** Buy tickets here **

The evening consists of three 20-minute presentations. 

My talk is titled "I LOVE 1984: George Orwell Vs. VH1"
Description: People throw around the term “Orwellian”, but could it be that basic-cable pop-culture clip-shows best capture the spirit of Orwell’s dystopian future? Kevin Maher shares his personal experiences writing for talking-head clip shows, comparing the popular format to the “perversions and swindles” that George Orwell feared. The presentation includes awesomely bad double-speak and a visit to Kevin’s own version of room 101.

Bio: Kevin Maher is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer whose work has been censored on VH1, CNN, AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Critics have compared Kevin’s work to the comedy of Ernie Kovacs and Jonathan Winters, but his highest praise came when Tiger Beat called him “funny!”

Plus these two other lectures

Girl Power vs. Jiggle Physics: Women in Video Games by Mike Kelly

Description: When we think of women in video games, it’s often embarrassing. Scantily-clad pixies with enormous weapons that ooze sex. However, that is beginning to change. As more women enter the industry, both as developers and as consumers, the way games appeal to all genders is beginning to change. But even with this happening, why are so many female characters in games stuck in their stereotypes? And why are there so few games that feature female leads?

Bio: Mike Kelly is a game designer and writer living in Brooklyn who works a day job at Rolling Stone. He’s a frequent speaker on video game culture and history.

The Limits of the Human Body by Jake Ward

Description: Our bodies are incredibly fragile. We burst, burn, and break extremely easily, and yet we constantly travel to dangerous places, dive under the ocean, fly, drive, drink alcohol, and otherwise do things that our bodies are wholly unqualified to handle. This presentation discusses the science of human limitation, and what fundamental technologies make it possible for us not to suffocate, freeze, catch on fire, or otherwise die the thousand deaths that our unbelievably dangerous lives whisk us past each day.

Bio: Jake Ward is editor-in-chief of Popular Science, the world’s largest science and technology magazine. He’s written for The New Yorker and Wired, and has hosted television shows for Discovery, PBS and National Geographic. He splits his time between New York and California.

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