Photoshopped Penguin Signs

December is lovely in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, partly because so many of my neighbors decorate their front yards. 

Every day I'd walk by this inflatable penguin and think of something else for the sign to say (i.e. "Global Warming is REAL!")

I decided to ask the Facebook community to help photoshop this image.  

I asked if anyone would recreate the iconic scene in NORMA RAE where Sally Field's character calls to unionize.  (If you haven't seen the movie, you should.)

Within a few minutes the awesome Heather Young made it happen:

Then I joked that Tom Blunt would adapt this scene like he did on his blog: 

 Sure enough: 
And then a little while later Jeff Eyres threw his hat into the ring with this one: 
What's next? 

Will YOU photoshop something funny on the Penguin's sign?

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