Noah Tarnow (The Big Quiz Thing), Kevin Maher (Kevin Geeks Out) and Matt Wasowski (Nerd Nite)
introduce the show and get the audience to say the Brain Jam Pledge. 

M. Sweeney Lawless' Star Trek supercut: PAPERWORK IN SPACE.

The first buzzertastic round of THE BIG QUIZ THING.
Nick and Joe from The Found Footage Festival share a variety of videos about KNOWLEDGE.
Special appearance by Bob Odernkirk in a Found Footage Festival segment. 

Book table from Brooklyn's only Sci-Fi/Fantasy bookstore, SINGULARITY & CO.
Cici James (from SINGULARITY & CO.) sporting her Buckaroo Banzai shirt for the dry T-shirt contest.

Calvin & Hobbes Star Wars tee wins the Dry T-shirt contest.

My Pee-Wee's Big Adventure shirt did not win the dry t-shirt contest. Not dry enough.

Lunch at the DUB PIES truck. 

Comic Saad Sarwani explains the rules of the (first-ever) Sci-Fi Spelling Bee. 

Spelling Bee Contestant Matt Carman.

Cici James provides alternate pronunciations during the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee.

Jonathan Hertzberg shared a "best of" collection of his video series DIRTY OLD NEW YORK (aka FUN CITY),
you can see the videos here.
Finalists in the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee. 

The final two. 

Can you answer this BIG QUIZ THING question? (hint: it's not pizzareffic!) 

Usman Hameedi reads poems about science and wrestling. In your face, Leaping Lanny Poffo! 

Kevin Maher geeks out about cartoon visions of the future (not pictured.)

Noah tallies scores during the team round of the Big Quiz Thing.

Susie Felber tells an unbelievable-but-true story about summer camp.

Mural painting of the Gowanus Canal monster. (on the Union Street Bridge)

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