The 2nd ever BROOKLYN BRAIN JAM - Sunday 3/15

KEVIN GEEKS OUT is teaming up with THE BIG QUIZ THING and NERD NITE for a spectacular 6-hour show. 
The Brooklyn Brain Jam
Sunday March 15th 
at Littlefield 622 DeGraw Street
Just $12 (get ticket HERE
and another link for directions

It's a buffet of nerdy, geeky entertainment, with

Multi-media and storytelling from KEVIN GEEKS OUT
Trivia Games with THE BIG QUIZ THING
Fun and heady presentations from NERD NITE

You can read this New York Times article about the previous BK Brain Jam. 

Here's the schedule for the day:

Here's a closer look at the KEVIN GEEKS OUT segments: 

1:30pm PAPERWORK IN SPACE -- a supercut video by M. Sweeney Lawless

Kirk, Spock and McCoy boldly went where no one had gone before... and they had the paperwork to prove it.

M. Sweeney Lawless is a comedy writer/performer whose work appears in humor collections and The Lowbrow Reader [lowbrowreader.com] She can hide up to five bees secretly in her mouth. 

2:35pm "GIFTED CHILD" story by Susie Felber

Comedian Susie Felber tells the story of her first experience with summer camp. 

Susie Felber is a writer, comedian and producer with nearly two decades of stand-up, improv, radio, web, video game, TV and film experience. She’s especially proud of appearing multiple times as a hooker on Conan, writing jokes for Car Talk, and being the voice of the letter “O” on Sesame Street. She currently performs in storytelling shows, hosts and produces a live variety show, and works as a Senior Copywriter at Audible Inc.

4:05pm SCI-FIVE: Cartoon Visions of the Future by Kevin Maher

Comedian Kevin Maher looks back at 5 cartoon visions of the future, from a Jetsons knock-off to an animated wasteland.

Kevin Maher is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer, whose work has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, SyFy and Nickelodeon. He’s created several web-series including AMC’s “The Sci-Fi Deparment” (short-listed for a Webby) and “Andrew 12- Sided Dice Clay.” Kevin hosts the long running variety series “Kevin Geeks Out”, each installment taking an obsessive look at pop-culture, with topics like Shark Cinema, Robots, Wrestling and Zombies. On a dare, he once wrote 100 haiku about Batman. 

4:55 INTERMISSION WITH "FUN CITY" by Jonathan Hertzberg

"Dirty Old New York aka Fun City" is a "video mixtape" series that serves as an outlet for Jonathan Hertzberg to share his obsession with the New York of my youth and pre-youth, as it was represented by the films of that era, roughly late '60s - early '80s.  I tried to connect shots by at least one of the following: location, film, character, actor, signage, repeating opbject, or recurring motif.

5:15 KEVIN GEEKS OUT Interview: Jonathan Herzberg

Kevin talks with Jonathan about his obsession with Dirty Old New York. They look at some of the recurring themes in the FUN CITY videos: Punk v. Disco, Joe v. Hippies, tube televisions, Blaxploitation, pay phones, Gere v. Travolta, checker cabs, Simon, Garfunkel, vinyl records, subways with graffiti and much more.

6:15PM SCIENCE POETRY by Usman Hameedi

Poet and biologist Usman Hameedi will be sharing nerdy science poems that would make Madame Curie blush.
Usman Hameedi is a poet and cancer biologist from New York City. He has competed and coached at both collegiate and national level poetry slams.  Usman has been highlighted on the Huffington Post and Upworthy, has featured at venues in Boston, New York, and Washington D.C., and has been invited to speak at the Harvard Kennedy School and The White House. In his spare time, he tutors nerds on how they can step their game up. 

The Brooklyn Brain Jam
Sunday March 15th 
at Littlefield 
Just $12 (get ticket HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin - just letting you know we at Mesh (smart NYC dating site in beta) love you and all you do - and are recommending the Brooklyn Brain Jam to our blog readers for a great date idea: http://blog.meshbetter.com/mesh-date-night-the-best-things-to-do-this-week/

Kevin said...

Thanks Zoe. I've shared it across twitter and Facebook. I hope people dig it.