The August 27th show at Nitehawk Cinema sold-out. 

I can't possibly do justice to the event, but here's photographic evident that it happened, along with a video. 

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Kevin Maher with co-host TOM BLUNT.

 Lady Robot as Femme Fatale

A discussion on the lady robot as femme fatale asked the question: is the femme fatale a strong female character or a sexist stereotype. Later someone asked "Why can't it be both at the same time?" That's what we explore in Kevin Geeks Out. 

ROBOT AS FEMME FATALE: 8-minute cut of LOST IN SPACE from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.

Kevin Maher outside of Nitehawk Cinema. Photos by Matt Glasson.

Tom considers why so many female robots refuse their creators' desires.
Guest Cici James takes a Cartesean look at the history of lady robots.
Phone interview with Kristanna Loken of TERMINATOR 3.

 Performance by Ariel Italic.

Jenn Northington compares the futuristic domestic robot to the futuristic killbot. 
Kevin does crowd work.

Painting of my family as robots by Lisa Beebe.
Curtain Call.

WESTWORLD is to FUTURE WORLD as JURASSIC PARK is to JURASSIC WORLD. All started with Michael Crichton.

Like Mother, like daughter. A tangent about Blythe Danner's dream sequence in FUTURE WORLD (where she has sex with a robot) invites comparisons to her own daughter's movie love life with robots.

Tom Blunt observed that any dress in a movie is for sale on the internet.
Seth Porges (not pictured) looks at the science of Sexbots.

It was all a HOAX.