Werewolf New Yorker Cartoons

Researching Friday’s WEREWOLF Night! I’ve encountered novelty songs, sitcom episodes, comic books, and some surprising political rhetoric having to do with Werewolves.

Today I’d like to examine Werewolf Cartoons In The New Yorker.

As of this writing, I have not located any New Yorker Cartoons that tackle lycanthropy.

So for all you cartoonists out there, here are some suggestions for mildly amusing, single-panel New Yorker cartoons:

Werewolf in Therapy

Werewolf at Job Interview

Werewolf in book club

Werewolf in small cafe reading a book whose title references a recent trend in publishing

Werewolf at cocktail party

Married couple comments wryly on Werewolf running for elected office

Opera patrons look through their lorgnettes at a werewolf coming in from the rain and shaking

A werewolf with a bloody human leg on the counter at a wine tasting:
"Definitely the pinot with banker."

Werewolf husband wearing reading glasses, in bed with his wife, hardcover books propped in front of him:
"Now he's ravening his own work."

Werewolves at a gallery discussing a painting:
"My pup can do that."

An astronaut descends a walkway from the space shuttle as a werewolf ascends

Werewolves at a protest holding placards about fur

A human and a werewolf on a date at a restaurant

A werewolf interviews a terrified human in front of a werewolf audience

Werewolves on the trading floor surrounded by corpses:
"I know! Once you smell blood..."

Werewolf at NASCAR
"Honestly, I don't see the point. The cars go around and around and around and nobody chases them."

* Thanks to M. Sweeney Lawless for half these gags.

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