Werewolf Snacks

I love serving snacks at my video-shows.

Our new venue, the lovely 92-Y Tribeca has a café, a bar and a concession stand serving fresh popcorn and favorite candies.

But I’m still going to deliver the best in themed-between-meal-snacks for this Friday's WEREWOLF Night! Besides providing Lycanthrope-friendly-treats, my friend Lisa said she might make some WEREWOLF Cupcakes. (anyone who attended the summer screening of Flash Gordon enjoyed Lisa's delicious Flash Gordon cupcakes.)

If you can’t wait, here’s a recipe for Werewolf Cupcakes.

And sorry, but we couldn't track down any boxes of FRUTE BRUTE:

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lisa said...

Just FYI: My cupcakes are NOT going to look like those! Those ones freak me out.