Geek Out with Me

Each month I host a video-variety show called KEVIN GEEKS OUT!
It’s a comedy show with rare videos and guest speakers looking at a specific theme. (you can find more details on this site, previous shows included Werewolf Night, Batman Night, Robot Night, Bigfoot Night, etc.)

Between shows I like to share other things I geek out about. Here’s some fun stuff:

George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead: The Board Game.

The Dog's Breakfast: Pre-Spinal Tap rock parody by Christopher Guest.

101 Robot T-shirts.

Photographic evidence.

10 Worst Comic Books Based on TV Shows.

Oh crap. Snake with a foot.

Brief essay on Muppets and Gnosticism

An album of poetry by the late Henry Gibson.

Did I just blow your mind?

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