Vincent Price and the Chocolate Factory

As the host and curator of a monthly video series, I do a lot of research. To borrow a cliche, I will eat, sleep, breathe and endlessly blog about that month's theme, whether it's robots, Batman, or Frankenstein. A few nights ago I started having Vincent Price dreams (in honor of this Friday's VINCENT PRICE Night!
But last night's was the best to date: Price was playing the title role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I only dreamt the first scene, where he sings about "Pure Imagination" and the kids go bonkers eating mushrooms and oversized gummi bears. It was splendid. (especially compared to the nightmares i had while getting ready for last month's Werewolf night)

So what led my mind to create this nocturnal mash-up? Here are some ideas:

1. Price was a gourmet. He wrote cookbooks. He'd be at home as a chocolate tycoon.

2. Last night I'd posted a video on this blog, featuring Adam Rikin's commentary on The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Rifkin also recorded commentary on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

3. Both films were made in 1971.

4. The two movies feature lavish, colorful sets.

5. In Phibes, Price plays a mad genius who exacts revenge on the doctors he holds responsible for killing his wife. His revenge plans dramatize the seven plagues of the old Testament. In Wonka, the Candy Man uses dramatic means to teach lessons to the greedy, gluttonous, selfish, arrogant children.

6. Wonka is assisted by his faithful Oompa-Loompahs.

While Phibes is joined by a beautiful, mute woman named Vulvania.

7. Both Anton Phibes and Willy Wonka are reclusive eccentrics with a wild sense of fashion. (Note: in Tomb of Ligiea Vincent Price sports a top-hat similar to Wonka's. But it's black, naturally.)

8. The last connection I can make is that Tim Burton re-imagined Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, he'd also made a delightful short about VP titled Vincent. (which may or may not be screened at this Friday's show.)

In the dream-movie where Price plays Wonka, it's safe to assume the children do not survive the furnace, juicing room, etc. Also, we have to assume there'd be some tragic backstory about the late Mrs. Wonka. Perhaps the candy experimentation roo would boast a peculiarly salty boiled-sweet known as "Angela's Tears."

That's all I've got. What do YOU think? Leave your analysis in the comments section of this blog.

Also, KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT VINCENT PRICE is this Friday. Buy your tickets here.

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