Recipes NOT Found in the Vincent Price Cookbook

At Friday's Vincent Price Night we'll pay tribute to the many faces of Vincent Price: mad scientist, fiendish fop, leading man, self-parodying guest star. But we'll also take a moment to honor the man who loved fine arts and gourmet food.

Vincent Price cupcakes will be served. (I have to mention this after we got so much press from last month's Werewolf Cupcakes!) And the program will include a recipe from one of Mr. Price's many cookbooks.

You might be surprised to learn that Mr. Price authored several cook-books. But what's even more surprising is that he didn't use the medium as a platform for his signature self-parody.

Here are some Dishes NOT Found in the Vincent Price Cookbooks.

Masque of the Red Velvet Cake
Ice Cream and Cream Again
The Beef Brisket of Dr. Phibes
Meatloaf to Heaven
Beans of Wax
The Five-Alarm Chile on Haunted Hill
The Pit and the Portabella
The Flank Steak of the House of Usher
The 6-course meal loosely inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe vignette
The Last Manwich on Earth
Wife-Mourning Casserole
Egghead's Eggstrordinary Quiche
Lemon Ginger "Hollywood" Squares
Edward Scissorham

thanks to M. Sweeney Lawless for some titles.

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