GEEK BINGO: the home edition

At April's installment of KEVIN GEEKS OUT we got everyone in attendance to play GEEK BINGO.  How does it work?  It's exactly like regular Bingo, but instead of using specific numbers, you fill in a square based on geeky things about yourself. 

(for example, if the letter "B" is picked, the announcer reads "BEEN to Comic-Con"  If you have been to Comic-Con, then you get the point.  The object is to be the first person with 5 checks across or 5 checks down.) 

So take a regular BINGO card or make your own using blank boxes under the letters. 

Next, pick bingo balls out of a hopper (again ignore the numbers, just call the letter) the read one of the statements that are labeled "B"  "I"  "N"  "G"  or  "O"

Once you've gotten 5 across or 5 down, you shout "GEEK BINGO!"

The call-out card is attached and was written with the help of Lisa BeebeScott Christian CarrNoah Tarnow and Mike Whalen.  (Thanks guys!) 

BLOGGED about the death of Captain Lou Albano.

BOWIE: If you ever meet David Bowie, you already know exactly what you’ll say to him.

BILBO, BUCKAROO and BOBA:  If you ever have a baby you’d consider naming him Bilbo, Buckaroo or Boba.

BEATLES:  You find the music of the Beatles to be inferior to the songs of the Rutles.

BUCKAROO BANZAI: You are still holding out for the promised sequel, “Buckaroo Banzai Against The World Crime League”

BOOBIES: You have turned a calculator upside-down to see this word. 

BOOBIES – you have turned a calculator upside down to see this word

BUCKET: You regularly eat food served in a bucket.

BLADE RUNNER: You can explain why one version of Blade Runner is better than the other four versions on DVD.

BIGFOOT: Not only do you believe in Bigfoot, but you know he has a heart of gold.

BOTHERED BY people who fail to distinguish Frankenstein from Frankenstein’s Monster.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – you wrote an academic paper on Buffy – but did not focus on Feminism.

BOOGER – you rank Dudley Dawson (aka BOOGER) as the “cool” character from Revenge of the Nerds.

BIG LEBOWSKI – you have corrected someone when they misquote “The Big Lebowski”

BOBBLEHEAD: You own one and consider it decorative. 

BATMOBILE: You have a sexual fantasty that involves the batmobile.

BEASTMASTER: You have logged more than 10 hours watching BeastMaster.

BUGSY MALONE: You recognize this film as Paul Williams, Scott Baio AND Jodie Foster’s finest hour.

BOUGHT anything because it was described as “limited-edition”.

BOOTLEG: Your home library includes a bootleg of “The Star Wars Christmas Special”

BOND VILLAINS: You think the Bond movies need to spend more time on the likes of Goldfinger, Dr. No and Hugo Drax.

BEEN to Comic-Con and got lucky. 

BARBARELLA: You view Barbarella on a non-ironic, non-camp value.

THE BLOB : You know how to detain the Blob.

BRILLIANT: You have worn a high-concept Halloween costume that someone has described as being “brilliant”.   (NOTE: this does not count if the person is British)

BLACULA: You can distinguish the original BLACULA from SCREAM, BLACULA SCREAM.



INEBRIATED from drinking too much Meade at the Renaissance Fair.

INCREDIBLE HULK:  You know the significance of the Incredible Hulk #181.

iTUNES library includes music by The Shaggs.

IRONIC BURN: Someone has complimented your funny, ironic T-shirt – which you were wearing un-ironically.

INCONCIEVABLE: If faced with the sad news that you and your spouse cannot have children, you would bring levity to the situation by quoting the Princess Bride.

THE ILLIAD: Not only have you read The Illiad, but you keep mentioning when you friends are talking about action-adventure movies.

IRON BUTTERFLY: You can name a song of their besides In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

INTERNET IDENTITY: You have a separate internet identity, not just another name but a personality whose tastes and beliefs are separate from your own.

IDENTIFY with Leatherface and his family, and not the teenage protagnists in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre quadrilogy and remakes.

INITIAL T: You know what the initial T stands for in James T. Kirk

IMAX: You witnessed the IMAX experience of Sigfried and Roy’s The Magic Box.

INVESTED more than 20 dollar on a comic book.

INCONSOLABLE after the death of a fictional character (i.e.Dumbledore, Charlie Pace, Bride of Frankenstein)

“I’M STOKED!!”  You would use the term “I’m Stoked” to describe your feelings about the  TRON sequel.

INABILITY to name either of the teams that plays in this year’s SuperBowl.

IT (Stephen King book)  You can name 3 differences from the novel and the TV mini-series. 

imdb.com: You have engaged in a faceless battle with a stranger on imdb.

IRONIC: You actually grasp the definition of irony.  It’s not just an excuse to wear an otherwise lame T-shirt.

I.Q.   You occasionally mention your I.Q. in casual conversation.



NEON BIBLE: When I said “Neon Bible” you didn’t think of the album by the Arcade Fire, but the second published novel by John Kennedy Toole, the author of Confederacy of Dunces.

NESSIE: Despite all the evidence to the contrary, you still believe in the Loch Ness Monster. 

NASHVILLE: You can’t find 2 and half hours to watch Robert Altman’s Oscar Winning satire, but you have spent 70 minutes watching an online review of the Phantom Menace.

KNIGHTS WHO SAY “NI” – You can hear that phrase without cringing.

NANOO NANOO: You’ve concluded an email, online chat, or actual conversation with the traditional Orcan farewell.

NEVER had a Whopper.  (Specifically – you are the nerd from the 1985 Burger King campaign.)

NOISES: You are very good at making action-noises when playing with action-figures.

NIXON: When I said Nixon, you first thought of hillbilly rocker Mojo Nixon, and not the 37th President of These United States.

NINJA: As a child you considered “NINJA” as a career option.

NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE : Everything you know about the 1960’s you learned from that college comedy.

NINTENDO: You posses the necessary knowledge to cheat at Nintendo games.

NOT ASHAMED OF liking The Monkees.

NEVERMIND: You rank Nirvana’s Nevermind as the band’s weakest album.

NEWTON: Given the opportunity to have dinner with Issac Hayes or Issac Newton, you choose Newton.

NOVA: Your TiVO currently contains 1 or more episode of NOVA.

THE NUGE: Regardless of whether it’s good or bad, you have impersonated Ted Nugent.

NABOO: You can name someone who was born on this planet.  

NANO-TECHNOLOGY: You can talk about nano-technology without quoting Norman Osborn’s dialogue from Spider-Man.

Neuromancer - you own a copy of this book.

NEGOTIATED:  You’ve negotiated vacation plans based around a city’s proximity to a specific rollercoaster.

NEMESIS: You have a nemesis. 


GREAT GAZOO : You are upset that the dum-dums who make Flinstones Vitamins have not included the Great Gazoo.

GODZILLA: You’ve written a rap song about Godzilla.

GONE to see They Might Be Giants in concert more than 3 times.

GOOGLE NEW FRIENDS: As soon as you meet someone new, you google them.

GOONIES: You’re the first person you know who watched the deleted scene with the Octopus.

GILLIGAN: You are pretty certain you know what Gilligan’s First Name Is.

GUILTY: Guilty of stealing happy meal toys from a niece/nephew because they just wouldn’t appreciate it as much as you do.

GREEDO: You can debate whether or not Greedo shot first.

GONZO: You skipped taking an online quiz that promised to tell you what muppet you are, because you already know the answer is Gonzo.  (But then you took the quiz anyway.)

GEENA & JEFF : You desperately want Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum to get back together.

GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: When you meet someone for the first time, you mentally call them by their Garbage Pail Kid Name.

Ghosts – you know the names of all four pac-man ghosts

GAMER: You have referred to yourself as a GAMER.

GOLEM: You know what word is written on the Golem’s forehead.

GOLLUM: Of all the Tolkien characters, you identify most with Gollum.

GAME SHOW: You have appeared on more than one TV Game show.

GAY ROBOT: You can name a homosexual robot besides C3P0.

GROK : You grok the novel Stranger in a Strange World.

GIDDY with excitement over the TRON sequel.

GOURMET: You consider yourself a gourmet when it comes to all things coated in batter and deep-fried.

GADGET: You’ve day-dreamed about all the cool things you would do, if you were Inspector Gadget.

GALACTUS:  You don’t believe in God, but you do believe in Galactus

GILLIAN ANDERSON:  You think X-Files is actually her weakest work.

GUNS N’ ROSES: You think the album “Chinese Democracy” was well-worth the wait!

GOLDBLUM: Jeff Goldblum impression.

GET you daily dose of vitamin D from a bottle of Yoo Hoo.

GRAMMA’S BOY: You do not enjoy this Adam Sandler-produced comedy because it “hits too close to home.”

GOBLIN: You’d be more than happy to see a GOLBIN cover band.


OVERTHINKING: You have regularly been accussed of “overthinking it”.

OWN a dice with more than 6 sides to it.

OSCAR WILDE : You know which cast member from TV’s LOST once portrayed Irish poet Oscar Wilde.

OBSERVATION SKILLS : You’ve observed that this game is ripping off a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

OCCASSIONALLY use the words “Weird Al Yankovic” and “underrated” in the same sentence.

OFTEN talk about the time you met Pat Kiernan. (we will also accept Roger Clark.)

OBSCURISM: As defined by the book Generation X: Obscurism is the practice of peppering daily life with obscure references (forgotten films, dead TV Stars, unpopular books, defunct countries, etc.) as a subliminal means of showcasing both one’s education and one’s wish to dissociate from the world of mass culture.

OBSOLETE: You think print media is obsolete!  (we’ll also accept “You know which Ghostbuster said “Print is dead.”)

OBJECT to the judge’s decision last season as to who is the Top Chef.

OPTED to come here tonight instead of seeing KICK ASS.

OZ: You’ve watched The Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

OPINIONATED: You are fiercely opinionated as to whether or not zombies can run.

ONLINE PETITION: You have signed a petition to protest the inevitable cancellation of a Joss Whedon project.

OBI-WAN: When faced with life’s toughest choices, you ask “what would Obi-Wan do?”

ONE of your hobbies is trying exotic sodas.

ORNERY : You get downright ornery when someone says “all chewing gum is the same.”

ORANGE SODA SNOB: You are very particular about which brands of orange soda you’ll let into your body.

OBJECT: You object to the claim that Troll 2 is the worst movie ever made.

OOKLA THE MOK – You have written fan fiction about Thundarr The Barbarian, with an emphasis on Ookla the Mok.   (alt. Ookla the Mok impression)

ORIGIN: You know the origin of the phrase “23 Skidoo!”

OCTOPUS  You were the first person you know to have seen the deleted “Octopus” scene in “The Goonies”

OSWALD: Lee Harvey Oswald impression.

OPIUM: You have compared kettle corn, or another snack food, as being so good, it’s like opoium – even though you’ve never had opium.

OREOS: You invented a new way to eat oreos.