Kevin Geeks Out: A look back

Kevin Geeks Out began while I was doing a weekly web series for American Movie Classics, focussing on Science-fiction movies.  The wonderful Erez Ziv (at the Horse Trade Theater Group) suggested I do a monthly show at the Under St. Marks.  He suggested I rent a movie (from Kim's Video, just down the street from the theater), showing a film that I had spotlighted on my web show.

I thought no one would pay to see a movie that they could rent from Netflix or watch on a computer.  So I came up with an idea for a clip-based show.  Lots of clips around a given theme, all leading up to a feature presentation (a short film, TV episode, something like that.)  Then Meg Sweeney Lawless and Jay Stern started producing the show with me.  We added a co-host (a different one each month.)  We brought in guest speakers.  And then we got rid of the feature presentation to make room for more clips.

The show was great fun, with amazing guests and the best audiences I've ever had the pleasure of appearing before.

After the jump, there's a complete list of shows, followed by a complete list of guests:

Kevin Geeks Out about Aliens! (May 18, 2010)

Kevin Geeks Out about April All-Stars! (April 16, 2010)

Kevin Geeks Out about Sharks! (March 19, 2010)

Kevin Geeks Out about Monkeys! (February 19, 2010)

Kevin Geeks Out about Visions of the Future! (January 22, 2010)

Kevin Geeks Out: The Holiday Grab Bag! (December 18, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Dummy Deaths!  (November 20, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Vincent Price!  (October 16, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Werewolves! (September 25, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out: The Best of the Sci-Fi Screening Room (June 17, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Robots!  (May 20, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out: the Grab Bag show (April 8, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Superheroes!  (March 18, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Video Games!  (February 9, 2009)

Kevin Geeks Out about Sci Fi Musicals!  (December 10, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about Bigfoot! (November 17, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about Frankenstein! (October 27, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about Damnation Alley! (September 25, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about Rock & Rule!  (July 2, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about Batman! (June 4, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about The Apple!  (May 14, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about KISS! (March 11, 2008)

Kevin Geeks Out about The Incredible Hulk!  (January 22, 2008)


Craig Wichman (actor, writer, producer) at Frankenstein, Batman, Superhero, Werewolf, Holiday Grab Bag nights

Nick Nadel (writer) at Batman, Superhero, Grab Bag, Holiday Grab Bag

Lisa Beebe (writer, baker, blogger) created cupcakes for everyone at Holiday Grab Bag, Dummy Deaths, Vincent Price, Werewolf shows, and donated her roomba at Robot Night

Professor Geoff Klock (author, How to Read Superhero Comics) Superhero Night, Holiday Grab Bag, Monkeys, April All-Stars

Sara Reiss (Artist, baker, blogger) spoke at Holiday Grab Bag and Aliens, and made shark cupcakes, April All-star Cookies and alien cupcakes

Matthew Glasson (filmmaker) at Sharks, Dummy Death, Grab Bag

Will Carlough (filmmaker) at Video Game Night, Frankenstein Night, Batman Night.

Michael Kupperman (Cartoonist) at Monkeys, Aliens

Elliott Kalan (The Daily Show, Closely Watched Films) at Visions of the Future and Aliens

Raven Snook (Writer, Performer, Diva) at The Apple, Sci Fi Musicals

Eric Drysdale (The Colbert Report) at Sci Fi Musicals, Vincent Price

Professor Heather Hendershot (Cinema Journal) at Vincent Price, April All-Stars

Matt Mitler (actor) at Werewolves and Dummy Deaths

R. Sikoryak (cartoonist) at Holiday Grab Bag and April All-Stars

Noah Tarnow (quizmaster from The Big Quiz Thing) at Holiday Grab Bag and Monkeys 

Matthew K. Manning (comic book writer) at Batman Night and Superhero Night.

Kriota Willberg (anatomy teacher and "Cinematologist" blogger) at Visions of the Future, Aliens

Kevin Scullin (actor) at Dummy Deaths and Vincent Price

Marian Brock (actress) at Frankenstein and Bigfoot

Mark Douglas (comedian, web-sensation) appeared at The Incredible Hulk show and contributed film for Robot Night

Ritch Duncan (stand-up comic, author) at Werewolves, Sharks

Doug Skinner (writer, host of “Ullage Group”) at Bigfoot.

Ernie Cline (screenwriter) at Monkeys.

Jane Doherty (Psychic) at Visions of the Future.

Joe DiPietro (playwright, lyricist, Toxic Avenger: The Musical) at Sci Fi Musicals.

Tom Peyer (comic book writer) at Vincent Price.

Carrie McLaren (editor, MonkeyWire) at Monkeys.

James Dean Conklin (animator) at Superhero Night.

Maura Madden (author of Crafternoon) at Frankenstein night

Seth Porges (Technology Editor for Popular Mechanics) at Visions of the Future.

Nathanael Wharton (The Henson Company) at Vincent Price

Lucas Zachary Hazlett (guy in gorilla suit) at Monkeys

Bob Satuloff (Playwright) at Vincent Price

Philip Shane (editor) at Aliens

Kate Hutchinson (Award-winning Blogger) at Visions of the Future

Howard S. Berger and Kevin Marr (The Flying Maciste Brothers) at Dummy Deaths

Bob Powers (Author-Comedian) at Werewolf Night

Shyaporn Theerakulstit (Actor/Writer/D-list-YouTuber) at Holiday Grab Bag.

Victor Varnado (comedian, filmmaker) at Robots.

Tom Henning (teacher, robotics coach) at Robots.

Vlad Tsepis (from TV’s Ghoul a Go Go) at Robots.

Tom Carrozza (performer) at Frankenstein.

Tom Blunt (Writer, Actor) at Frankenstein.  

Dekker Dryer (writer, producer, soda creator) at Rock & Rule

Rob Gorden (actor, comedian) at KISS Night 

Arthur Anderson (Mercury Player) at Vincent Price show

Mary Micari (actor) at Bigfoot

Jonny Fido (actor) at Bigfoot

Karen Sneider (cartoonist) at Sharks

Will Rokos (Academy Award-nominated screenwriter) at April All-Stars

Jay Ruttenberg (publisher, The Lowbrow Reader) at April All-Stars

Susie Felber (comedianne, truTV’s Dumb as a Blog) at April All-Stars

Cristina Cacioppo (92Y Tribeca film programmer) at April All-Stars

Dr. Justin Weinstein (documentary filmmaker) at Aliens

Dan Ziffer (author) at Bigfoot

other friends of the show: 
Anne Kadet wrote and performed "The Haunting Theme From Kevin Geeks Out"
Mike Whalen and David Hendler (for haikus)
Heather Buckley helped us get footage and a show logo
Nathaniel Wharton helped get footage
Jamie Greenberg provided a gorilla suit
The producers of House of the Wolfman


Dippin’ Dots (the “ice cream of the Future”) served at Visions of the Future

Gorilla Munch cereal served at KGO: Monkeys

Pop Art from Exit 9 Gift Emporium

Tickets to see the Curious George exhibit at the Jewish Museum

Tickets to see The Toxic Avenger: The Musical

Tickets to the Congo Gorilla Forrest at the Bronx Zoo (private donor)

Vincent Price Comic Books, courtesy of Blue Water Comics

Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark comic book courtesy of Jason Howard

Tickets to screenings at 92Y Tribeca (including Tron, Labyrinth sing-a-long and Million Dollar Legs

KEVIN GEEKS OUT was produced by Kevin Maher, Jay Stern and Meg Sweeney Lawless