GROWN-UP WORDS: Dodging Advice

Look out, people want to give you parenting advice!


Episode 2 of Kevin Maher's GROWN-UP WORDS, an original video series created for NICK MOM. 

Featuring: Wendy Mays, Bill Farrow, Robert Ankers, Ramen Cromwell, Michele Carlo, Lisa Hinshaw, Shyaporn Theerakulstit. 

Editor: Eric Hendricks. 
Director of Photography: Jeremy Carr. 
Additional Material: Rusty Ward, Rebecca Rogers Maher.
Wardrobe Consultant: Alison Roberts.


Kaley said...
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Kaley said...

SOOO true! Kevin Maher, you are spot on (and completely hilarious). I could waste my child's entire nap time just watching these videos....