In 1975, after JAWS defined the term "summer block-buster" there were dozens of B-movie rip-offs rushed into production. But there were also some JAWS-inspired comic books, here are a few...

Curiously AQUAMAN didn't have a JAWS cover, but there was this bath-tub toy where the King of the Seven Seas battled a Great White.
See more images of it at the Mego Museum

In CAPTAIN AMERICA issue #360 Cap plunges into the briny deep and does battle with a few sharks. 

Of course BATMAN was fighting sharks before it was cool. In the 1966 movie he used Shark Repellant to save himself from a rubbery shark. Over the years there have been a few follow-ups including fights in comic books, a video game and an epic battle in an episode of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (watch it here.) 
Then in the summer of 2010 artist Andrew Zubko created the infamous "Batman vs. Shark with Light Saber" (the title almost suggests that the shark has the saber) 

There's a lesser-known bit of fan-art featuring Wolverine vs a Great White (by artist R-Valle)

The above artwork may have been inspired by the 12-issues story-arc "Enemy of the State" where Wolverine faced-off against an underwater enemy. 

Lastly, here's Flat Stan Lee at a beach in Cape Cod.

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Bill Scurry said...

My favorite part of the comic book covers is the subtle working around just calling it "Jaws," be it "in the tradition of..." or "Jaws of the Killer Shark."

Also, my money is totally on Julie Schwartz being behind that Action cover.