A is for ANAKIN: #2 in a series of pop culture primers

A is for ANAKIN, born on Tattooine

B's for BARBARELLA, the Galaxy's Queen

C is for CAESER, who brought humans down

D is for DIM, not as dumb as he sounds

E is for EDGAR, a loving machine

F's FRANK N. FURTER, a different space queen

G is for GOR, invoking great terror

H is for H.A.L., who blames human error

I is for IRULAN, Spice Girl acquired

J is for JONATHAN, he won't retire

K is for KHAN, a villainous nutter

L's for LOGAN, boned Jenny Agutter

M is for MARVIN, so gloomy and pensive

N is for NADA, whose fights are extensive

O's for OCTAVIOUS, sinister gent

P is for PRIS, seductive replicant

Q is for QUI-GON, who battled battalions

R is for RUFUS who saves WYLD STALLYNS

S is for SNAKE, sabotaged mankind's future

T is for TRON, lives inside a computer

U is for URSUS, upholds all Ape Laws

V is for VOLTAR, kidnapped Santa Claus

W's for WEZ, an Aussie road baddie

X is for XTRO, he's just like his Daddy

Y is for YOR, he's so brave, blonde and buff

Z is for ZED, makes red diapers look tough

Look for another pop culture abecedarium next week. 

note: a version of this poem appeared at the excellent SFSignal.

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CoreyHaim8myDog said...

Pretty sure it's Wez, not Wes.